‘I would probably get my ass handed to me,’ Formula 1 superstar Daniel Ricciardo on a possible NASCAR entry

Find out what F1 superstar Daniel Ricciardo had to say about potentially racing NASCAR in the future

Daniel Ricciardo

NASCAR and Formula 1 have been the pinnacle of dreams of every motorsport driver around the world. NASCAR is the premier Stock car racing championship in the world whereas Formula 1 is the premier open-wheel racing championship in the world. There have been several drivers who have made the switch between NASCAR and F1 in the past, where only Juan Pablo Montoya, the Colombian racing superstar has won races in both the championships.

Formula legends like Kimi Raikkonen and Nelson Piquet Jr. have had their own NASCAR outings but weren’t successful in securing top place in their outings. With Formula making waves around the USA, the homeland of NASCAR, the successful hosting of the Miami GP and the Netflix original series “Drive to Survive” has made F1  drivers more popular in the US.

McLaren superstar Daniel Ricciardo is one of the drivers who has made a solid fan base in the US. The Aussie nicknamed the ‘Honey Badger’ became the first DTS superstar in the US and his constant admiration of NASCAR has only helped to solidify his fan base in the states. 

Now Daniel Ricciardo in his recent interview with GQ in an episode of ‘Actually Me’, where he goes undercover on the internet answering fans’ theories and questions about him came out expressing his thoughts on one day racing in NASCAR, which is one of his childhood dreams.

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Find out what Daniel Ricciardo said

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo acknowledged that being a NASCAR and Motorsport fan he would like to someday try out NASCAR racing as he grew up watching the premier stock car racing. He went on to say that he will not be jumping into a NASCAR saying he wants to race this weekend as he doesn’t wish to humiliate himself Infront of the professional stock car racers who dedicated all their life to this.

“I am a fan of NASCAR. I love motorsport. I grew up watching NASCAR, for sure. It’s something which I’ll definitely like to try one day. I don’t know if I would just jump in a NASCAR and be like, ‘Yeah, I wanna race this weekend,’ you know, with the guys that been doing it their whole life and are perfectionists at that discipline. I wouldn’t want to humiliate myself,” Daniel Ricciardo said.

Daniel Ricciardo went on to say he would certainly like to drive the car competitively may be in a test session or something similar to that. He went on to say that unless he did some testing and intense preparation, he expects to get his ass kicked by a fellow competitor which he doesn’t want happening to him.  

I would certainly like to drive a car competitively, but maybe, like, in a test session or something. But the truth is, unless I did a lot of testing and preparation, I would probably get my ass handed to me. So, I don’t need that,” Daniel Ricciardo added.

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