‘It definitely is a little weirder preparation for the week,’ William Byron on the Sundays All-Star race at Texas

Find out what William Byron has to say about the difference in preparation for the regular Cup Races and the All-Star race

William Byron

Texas Motor Speedway will host the annual NASCAR All-Star race a non-point race amidst the regular season where the recent Cup race winners along with some qualified racers will go at each other for one million dollars. The All-Star race weekend not only offers a chance at a big pay-day for the teams but also a chance at trying something that can turn their season around.

William Byron, the No:24 Hendrick Motorsport Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 driver will hit the tracks hoping to get back to the winning form at Texas as he is yet to secure a top to finish after his Martinsville win, which marked his second win of the season. The track will offer the youngster a chance to bounce back and return to chasing the championship.

Now William Byron has come forth expressing his take on how the preparation for other cup races differs from the All-Star weekend and how much the non-point and prize money structure is a part of it.

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Find out what William Byron said

William Byron wins the Gander Outdoors Truck Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief 200 at Martinsville Speedway

William Byron acknowledged that it is definitely a little weirder preparation for him this week as the All-Star race is the least that he knows about compared to other race weekends. He went on to say he feels like drivers get into a rhythm when they go to certain race tracks where they have an idea of how different stages are going to play out and will have a plan on race duration along with plans on what is important. William Byron Suggested that contrary to other tracks it’s more about winning in Texas than getting a solid finish.

Yeah, it definitely is a little weirder preparation for the week. It’s probably the least that I know about this race of any race every week. I feel like you get in a rhythm when you go to certain race tracks. You know how the stages are going to play out. You know how long the race is and you kind of the plan all that in your head of what’s important. And then you’re also kind of worried about getting a good finish. I think at this race, you’re not as worried about getting a solid finish,said William Byron.

William Byron went on to say that since the race is more about winning the preparation leading to the Weekend will differ as the plan became more about how to win than how to put yourselves in a solid position to win. He added that the driver’s thoughts will concentrate more on getting the pole on qualifiers to maximize your shot at winning.

You’re kind of just worried about winning it. That definitely brings a different preparation leading up to the week, just to think about what’s it going to take to win, instead of what’s it going to take to get myself in a position to win. You’re really just thinking about the qualifying format; you’re thinking about how do I maximize that to get on the pole,” William Byron added.

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