‘It was really avoidable on my end,’ Chase Elliott takes the blame for Ross Chastain slamming him to the wall at Texas

Find out what Chase Elliott had to say about his crash with Ross Chastain that took out of the Million Dollar run in Texas

Chase Elliott
Ross Chastain and Chase Elliott

NASCAR fans were in for a treat at Texas as drivers went hard on each other in the 1.5 miles oval aiming to secure a win in the midseason non-point All-Star exhibition race which can get them one million dollars as prize money. Team Penske Racing driver Ryan Blaney took home the million-dollar check toping Denny Hamlin and teammates Joey Logano and Austin Cindric.

Ryan Blaney’s path to the win was somewhat easy considering the fact that four of his top rivals were out of the race early including the likes of Kyle Larson, Kyle Busch, Ross Chastain, and Chase Elliott. Chase Elliott had one of the worst lucks of the day as he was taken out in lap 47 by Ross Chastain who slammed into Kyle Busch and airborne found his way towards Elliott, slamming him to the wall ending his race.

With just three laps left for the stage to end the championship leader had a clear chance at winning if he was able to hold on to the speed, he was able to get through the race. Now the No:9 Hendrick Motorsport driver has come forth expressing his opinion on what he has to say about Ross Chastain slamming into him.

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Find out what Chase Elliott said

chase elliott
Chase Elliott

Chase Elliott in his post-race interview acknowledged that he saw both Kyle Busch slowing down his car and Ross Chastain getting airborne after slamming into him acknowledging he should have left more room for him as he approached the wall. He went on to say that he knew that Chastain was going straight but misjudged the fact he would be coming that quick that far-right. Chase Elliott added that it was really avoidable on his end if he didn’t mess up and didn’t get that gap shot quick enough.

“I saw the No. 18 (Kyle Busch) had a problem, and then I saw the No. 1 (Ross Chastain) hit him really hard. I just didn’t give him enough room. I knew he was going to go straight; I just didn’t realize he was going to go that far right that quick. I just kind of misjudged it. It was really avoidable on my end. I just kind of messed up and didn’t get the gap shot quick enough,” Chase Elliott said.

Chase Elliott went on to add that he hates it to be part of the incident and added that he was pretty excited about the pace shown by his car alongside the advances he was able to make just before the crash. He went on to say that he had a good position and strategy at Texas and will be trying again next week to get all of it right.  

Hate it. I thought our No. 9 NAPA Auto Parts Chevy was surprisingly pretty good for me and Texas (Motor Speedway), so I was pretty excited about it; looking forward to getting going and seeing what we had here towards the end. I thought we were sitting in a really good spot with strategy and things like that. We’ll try again next week,” Chase Elliott added.

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