“It’s part of getting used to this car and the changes in it,” 23X1 president Steve Lauletta on Bubba Wallace’s being a victim of constant Pitstop mishaps

Find out what 23X1 Racing president Steve Lauletta had to say about the constant pitstop troubles that have been hurting Bubba Wallace

Bubba Wallace

If you are a Bubba Wallace fan or not it is hard to ignore the fact the No:23 Toyota Camry driver has been a victim of pitstop struggles this season that has surly cost him multiple podium finishes and might have reduced his chance at a possible playoff entry this season. Bubba Wallace, considering the position he is now in the championship table, is in dire need of a win to secure playoffs which will remain a dream if both the team and driver do not step up their game.

Bubba Wallace had an amazing start to his season with his second career P2 finish at Daytona but since then has been struggling to stay at top of his game with either the crew or him making a costly mistake. Though Bubba Wallace was able to redeem himself from the majority of the mistakes he had with his on-track performance his crew is still struggling to do the same.

The Ally 400 witnessed the pit crew once again dragging down Bubba Wallace’s incredible run to ruin with their mistake as he once again found himself in a loose wheel position and was struck from behind by Tyler Reddick when the No:23 driver abruptly stopped in response to the crew chief’s request to “stop, halt, stop” while he was at P6.

This is the fourth time this season that Bubba Wallace had to deal with expensive consequences as a result of his crew chief’s poor judgment. The only full-time African-American racer on the track witnessed his day coming to an abrupt end in Sonoma a few weeks ago, as well as in the COTA, AdventHealth 400, and Coco-cola 600. Now 23X1 Racing president Steve Lauletta comes out expressing his opinion on the situation at hand.

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Find out what 23X1 president Steve Lauletta said about the constant Pitstop mishaps

Steve Lauletta

23X1 Racing president Steve Lauletta acknowledged that they receive so much support from Joe Gibbs Racing, with the pit crew being the key area that really helps them. He added that they have had problems with their cars and almost every team has faced problems on the pit lane as he points out that the pit-stop mishaps are part of getting used to the Next-Gen cars along with their changes. He added that unfortunately, the No:23 team has been the victim of more of those challenges.

We get so much support from Joe Gibbs Racing, and this was one of the key areas that they really help us on. They’ve had problems with their cars, and there’ve been problems on pit lane with almost every team. It’s part of getting used to this (new Next Gen) car and the changes in it. And we just have been, unfortunately, with one team, the 23, a victim of more challenges than we all would have liked to have,” Steve Lauletta said.

Steve Lauletta went on to say that effort isn’t a problem with pit crew as everyone is trying hard. He went on to say that it’s just a matter of working hard on the reps to get them better. He acknowledged that the position he is in isn’t the one they wish to be in and added that they will be investing every resource that are necessary in order to get the crew better for the future races.

Everybody is trying hard; effort is not the problem. It’s just a matter of continuing to work on continuing to get reps, and we talk about it all the time, and we work on it as hard as we can. It’s not where any of us want it to be. And so, we’ll just keep trying to make sure that we’re giving the guys every tool that we can so they get better,” Steve Lauletta added.

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