‘It’s very hard to convince dinosaurs they must eat differently,’ Denny Hamlin put a hold to 23X1 Racing’s big plans as NASCAR refuses to make business model changes

Find out what Denny Hamlin had to say about the need for NASCAR to change its business model and make it more correlated with the present scenario

Michael Jordon and Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin, if you want to call him a visionary who wants to see NASCAR entering the new age or some frustrated veteran who always has an opinion on something, is always someone who isn’t afraid of calling out the individuals or authorities of power in relation to the changes he finds necessary for NASCAR. The No:11 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota Camry driver always has been someone who advocated for changes in NASCAR and spearheaded some waves to the momentum change.


Denny Hamlin made his way to NASCAR team ownership last year partnering with Basketball legend Michael Jordon and entering the cup race as the 23X1 Racing team with Bubba Wallace driving the No:23 car. The 2022 season saw the team introducing the the No:45 car to the track with veteran Kurt Busch behind the wheels. The team has already secured two cup wins so far first one coming in Talladega last year from Bubba and the second one in Kansas this season for Busch.

Denny Hamlin has an outspoken personality and has a strong following among NASCAR fans as he regularly puts out his opinion through social media or other media sources. Hamlin has been, since taking up the 23X1 owner role, advocating for changes with NASCAR running the series like track conditions. Sharing of profit…etc. which most of his compatriots agree on.


Now in Sports Business Journal breaking an alleged conversation between Denny Hamlin and NASCAR CEO Jim France has been revealed in which Hamlin claimed to have given the Grandson of Bill Francis Jr. an ultimatum for NASCAR to introduce changes in order to attract the changing fans as he puts the 23X1’s big plans on hold.   

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Find out what Denny Hamlin had to say on the NASCAR business model needing change  

Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin said, he will go on record saying that he had a meeting with Jim France and delivered him the message that NASCAR should stop talking about cutting as he claims to cut won’t bring growth to the sport. He went on to say that a collective effort is required for NASCAR as a sport to grow which requires the NASCAR business model to change. Denny Hamlin acknowledged that the big plans of the 23X1 Racing team have been on hold until NASCAR is ready to change the business model it follows.

“I will go on the record saying that I had a meeting with Jim France and my message was clear that we need to stop talking about cutting. Cutting does not equal growth. If we start working collectively then we can grow this sport together. But the business model will have to change for that to happen. We at 23XI have big plans. But those plans are on hold until we see change,” Denny Hamlin said.

He went on to say it’s very hard to convince dinosaurs that they must eat differently alluding to NASCAR being adamant about denying his calls for change. Denny Hamlin went on to point out that if they are going to appeal to a new audience as the current ones are aging fast timely changes are required.

“It’s very hard to convince dinosaurs they must eat differently. I want change. If we’re going to appeal to a new audience because our (current) audience is aging or has aged, you’ve got to get with the times,” Denny Hamlin added.

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