‘Just got ran over,’ Kyle Busch on Ross Chastain taking him and Chase Elliott out in the Texas All-Star race

Find out what Kyle Busch has to say about Ross Chastain taking him out on the million-dollar-run in Texas

Kyle Busch

The All-Star Race at Texas Motor Speedway surely offered fireworks for fans as Ryan Blaney drove his No:12 Team Penske Ford Mustang to the victory lane surviving a last-lap restart and small help from NASCAR as they dodged some safety rules to give him the win. Team Penske scored three positions out of the top 4 with Joe Gibbs Racing’s Denny Hamlin finishing in P2 amongst them.

The Team Penske domination was made possible thanks to the top Toyota and Chevy cars of Kyle Larson, Kyle Busch, Chase Elliott, and Ross Chastain securing DNFs in the race. The crucial moment in Blaney’s,  who started at P2 Kyle Busch, dominance began when on lap 47 he was taken out by a fast-moving Ross Chastain who went on to take out Chase Elliott with him slamming him to the wall.

Kyle Busch was leading the race until he reached turn four of lap 47 with just three laps to go to finish stage 2 and  Austin Cindric behind him, as the veteran made his move on turn 4, he got a flat tire causing his No:18 JGR Toyota Camry to wiggle and slow down as he moved to the front stretch saving his car from a crash. He was quickly overtaken by Austin Cindric and as he made his way to the pits Ross Chastain who was coming in at the speed of 185 miles per hour crashed into his back and flew over him to drive the uncontrolled car to Chase Elliott taking him out as well.

Now Kyle Busch has come forth expressing his opinion on how he felt about the wreck and what are his thoughts on the overall performance shown by the team thus far.

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Find out what Kyle Busch said

Kyle Busch(L), Ross Chastain(C) and Chase Elliott(R)

Kyle Busch acknowledged that he got his rear tire flat which was unfortunate considering the speed his team was able to provide him with the car and the fact that he was leading all the laps until that point. He added that he is disappointed about not getting out of the race with a win and the million bucks with him.

“I just got a flat tire off of four, right-rear is flat. Unfortunate for our guys at Joe Gibbs Racing, Toyota, M&M’s. We had a really fast race car, great race car, and had led all the laps up to that point obviously. Disappointing to not be able to go out and race for a million bucks,” Kyle Busch said.

Kyle Busch went on to say that he was trying to limp it around and get the car to the pits after the Turn four exit incident Ross Chastain ran him over at the bottom of the track. He went on to say though they had a fast car it was a tough day at the office for the No:19 Joe Gibbs Racing team and reiterated that he is pretty disappointed about not getting the win for the team along with the million dollars.

Just when I got to the exit of four, the right-rear went down. I was trying to limp it around and get it to the bottom of the track. Just got ran over. I don’t know, just tough day for our M&M’s Camry, it was superfast. Just real proud of the guys, everything we had and we were doing it right. Just not able to go out and race for a million bucks right now. Pretty disappointed,” Kyle Busch added.

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