Kevin Harvick uses soccer legend Lionel Messi as an example to justify the edge his son has in Junior racing series  

One of Kevin Harvick’s primary areas of focus post-retirement is his son’s racing.

Kevin Harvick uses soccer legend Lionel Messi as an example to justify the edge his son has in Junior racing series  

Kevin Harvick and Lionel Messi (Via IMAGO)

Stewart Haas Racing legend Kevin Harvick retired from NASCAR after the 2023 Cup season finale at Phoenix Raceway. He will now shift his focus to his broadcaster role with Fox Sports starting in 2023, and his other priority is to give his son, Keelan, the best start in his junior racing career, getting him ready to expand the Harvick family legacy potentially.

Being the son of a racing legend and champion, Keelan Harvick has a lot of resources at his disposal to build a solid career. He has the best driving coach one could ask for in Kevin Harvick, and the 2014 NASCAR champion can easily fund his ventures. This is a massive advantage compared to any Motorsports outsiders trying to get into the sport.


While discussing the same with Dale Earnhardt Jr. in a recent Dirty Mo Media podcast, Harvick pointed out this advantage is quite normal. He claimed that soccer legend Lionel Messi‘s son would be able to play better than outsiders, considering their advantage. The eight-time Ballon D’or winning soccer legend now plays for Inter Miami in MLS.

This is true in every sport. I’m a soccer dad. Do you think your kid is going to be better than Messi? Messi’s kid is going to be a better soccer player than you because he has seen it his whole life, and he’s going to be able to teach him better.

Harvick said via Dale Jr. Download.


Kevin Harvick highlights how outsiders should approach racing

Harvick, before giving the Messi example, explained why it is important for parents with no-racing experience to approach their child’s career differently. He pointed out that such families will never be able to emulate what he is doing with his son. So, the children’s career is a learning experience for parents as well.

Keelan Harvick, Kevin Harvick, Piper and DeLana Harvick
Keelan Harvick, Kevin Harvick, Piper and DeLana Harvick (Via IMAGO)
I tell people all the time we’re fortunate to be in the position that we’re in, and you can’t do it like me…There’s no way that a parent who knows nothing about racing can do it like we do with our families. Most parents that aren’t around racing don’t know what they’re looking for, so you have to do it differently, and you have to teach the parents as well along the way

Ex-NASCAR legend Kenny Wallace‘s recent advice to racers can be the best approach to this. Identify the series or championship level that won’t compromise the family’s financial security and then grow from there.



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