Kyle Busch’s No:18 crew makes NASCAR history in Kansas Speedway as Kurt Busch secured his first win with 23X1 Racing

Find out about the new NASCAR history made by Kyle Busch’s No:18 team at Kansas

Kyle Busch's No:18 Pit crew

The Busch brothers were electric at Kansas the older one Kurt Busch drove the No:45 23X1 Racing Toyota Camry to the victory lane securing his first win of the 2022 season whereas younger brother Kyle Busch secured a P3 finish for No:18 Joe Gibbs Racing Camry. The Busch brothers dominated the race from the beginning as Kyle secured P1 at the end of stage one only to see his brother top, dominating, the other two stages to win the race.

Now the younger brother has got something on his sleeve against the eldest as Joe Gibbs Racing has revealed that the team has clocked the fastest four-tire pit stop in NASCAR history. The JGR team claimed that the No:18 championship-winning team marked an 8.96 pitstop on lap 124 just before Kevin Harvick spun himself out of the race.

The fast pit stop is a testament to the new pit stop choreography adopted by the team which saw the rear tire changer running around the front o the car instead of the back without intercepting the gasman. The crew also interchange the tire changers’ positions during the changes as following the right-side tire change the crew will move left where the front and rear tire changers interchange their positions.

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Kyle Busch’s elder brother Kurt Busch calls Denny Hamlin a boss with ‘integrity’ and ‘class’

Denny Hamlin and Kurt Busch

Kurt Busch has acknowledged that Denny Hamlin has been a class act when it comes to being a team boss at 23X1 and acknowledged that he has to lead the team with integrity, ambition, and motivation. He added that the ownership position isn’t something Kurt Busch wants to put himself in.

Denny has chosen this ownership role, and he has done it with integrity and class and ambition, and motivation. It’s things I would never want to put myself in a position for,” Kurt Busch said.

Kurt Busch went on to say that he was contacted by Denny Hamlin a couple of years ago about starting the team and he gave him the word that he will be part of it if it worked out. He went on to say that now he now understands as a racer and as a friend of Denny Hamlin that there are a lot of things goes into ownership.

He called me a year and a half ago, two years, and said, hey, I’ve got a plan. I was, like, if it all works out, I’ll be part of it. But, wow, just learning some of the things, being close to him as a friend, but also as a racer, and now he is my boss, there’s a lot that goes into the ownership side,” Kurt Busch added.

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