Kyle Larson was ‘surprised’ by Clint Bowyer not calling him out for the mistake that earned him a last place finish at Texas

Find out what Kyle Larson had to say about Clint Bowyer not calling him out for his mistake that placed him at the bottom in the Texas All-Star race

Kyle Larson and Clint Bowyer

Kyle Larson hit the NASCAR All-Star race last Sunday as the reigning cup champion and the defending race champion only to sit out of the race early as he found himself in the grass after a mistake cost him a million-dollar payday. The No:5 Hendrick Motorsport Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 driver finished dead last at P24 alongside the likes of Kyle Busch and Chase Elliott who also crashed out of the race.  

Former NASCAR driver and Fox Sports NASCAR analyst Clint Bowyer is one the most critical analyst when it comes to mistakes committed by drives during the race as he calls out the drives with no hesitation. Kyle Larson who is a good friend of the broadcaster was sure that he would have been called out and harshly criticized by Bowyer for the Texas mistakes.  

But that was not to be the case as Clint Bowyer didn’t exactly have plans to call out Larson as he just casually pointed out how costly was the mistake to Larson. Now Kyle Larson who believed he would have been called out by Bowyer has come forth revealing he is surprised about not being criticized.

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Find out what Kyle Larson said

Kyle Larson

Kyle Larson acknowledged that he stalled his No:5 HMS car as he wasn’t fully compressed with the clutch trying to find a sweet spot. He went on to say He didn’t want to spin the tires but real that he got a little greedy making him do exactly what he didn’t want to do stalled the car. Kyle Larson said that it is an embarrassing situation for him. He went on to say that he might surely get called out by Clint Bowyer the former racer and NASCAR analyst at Fox, more than what he said about Aric Almirola who had a bad run yesterday, as he was the only driver to have stalled.

I stalled it. When you’re sitting there, you’re not fully compressed with the clutch. You’re trying to find that sweet spot and I didn’t want to spin my tires really bad and I got a little too greedy obviously and stalled it. It’s embarrassing, Kyle Larson said.

I’m the only guy that stalled. Pretty embarrassing. I think it’s honestly more embarrassing than Aric Almirola who was sleeping. I’m sure Bowyer was busting me on the broadcast,” Kyle Larson added.

But to Kyle Larson’s surprise, the thing didn’t play out as he thought it would as Bowyer wasn’t critical about Larson’s mistake at the track. As he said just called it a mistake from the side of Kyle Larson saying  “Oh no! Larson kills it. He was trying to slip that clutch a little bit and keep from spinning the tires to get a better launch and killed it. Just like any pit road on any given Sunday. Mistakes are the difference,”.

Kyle Larson when informed about the fact the Race Analyst, especially Clint Bowyer didn’t call him out said  “That’s surprising,”.

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