‘We deserve to be finishing a lot better,’ Bubba Wallace on the off-weekend at Sonoma as he finished at the back of the grid

Find out what Bubba Wallace had to say about the disappointing end to his Sonoma Raceway outing this Sunday

Bubba Wallace finished P36 in Sonoma after a Lap 10 engine failure

Bubba Wallace has been having a bad patch of runs for the hand full of the last few races as lousy luck has become his constant companion. The No:23 Toyota Camry driver for 23X1 Racing started the 2022 season with flying colors with a P2 finish in Daytona 500, but his hopes for his second career cup win were always a full stretch apart due to his bad luck and underperforming runs on those race weekends.


Bad team calls and the lack of reliability of his No:23 car have also been a significant constraint for the only active full-time Black cup driver on the grid. Bubba Wallace became the victim of an engine failure as his engine blew up on lap 10 of the race, which saw the first caution coming out and Wallace recording yet another DNF. Following the result, Bubba Wallace was placed at P36, dead last in the final result.

With just two Top 10 finishes and 5 top 20 finishes, this season Bubba Wallace has underperformed by a mile in 2022 as with the JGR partnered 23X1 cars which has high-quality performance compared to the rest of the track, Wallace should be getting better result without a doubt. Wallace will have his chance at redemption in the coming weekends and should get a win that will ensure a place in the playoff for him.  


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Find out what Bubba Wallace had to say about the disappointing finish.

Bubba Wallace at Sonoma Raceway

Bubba Wallace acknowledged that this was an off-weekend for him as he called for a complete reset within the No:23 team. He went on to say he guessed his mustache needed to come off. Wallace said he was doing less shifting than he has been doing in practice trying to conserve the tire and never had either an overrev or went the wrong way, but none of that couldn’t save his engine from blowing up. He added that he hated what happened at Sonoma for himself, his team, and his partners.

Off weekend, that is what we need to reset. I guess the mustache needs to come off. We were just biding our time. I was doing less shifting than I was doing in practice – just trying to conserve some tire. Never had an overrev, never went the wrong way, and she just blew. I hate it. I hate it for our team. I hate it for all of our partners,” Bubba Wallace said.

Bubba Wallace went on to say they deserved a better finish in the last couple of months than what they had as the hits are coming his way hard. He suggested that they got to bounce back and pointed out that Sunday’s result is just a bummer for the team’s efforts to pipe through the adversities. Wallace went on to say that the TRD is the best, so they will figure something out scratching their heads to understand how the day went south.

We deserve to be finishing a lot better than we have been these last couple of months. As you said, the hits keep coming. We’ve got to bounce back. There is nothing like some good adversity to pipe through to get us back where we need to be, but it’s just a bummer. TRD is the best. We will figure it out. We’re all scratching our heads trying to figure it out, but just an unfortunate end to our day,” Bubba Wallace added.

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