‘You’re going to side with…,’ Ryan Blaney on his teammate Joey Logano taking out his sister’s boyfriend William Byron to win at Darlington

Find out what Ryan Blaney has to say about the last moment incident between Joey Logano and William Byron in thr0owback weekend at Darlington

Joey Logano. Ryan Blaney and William Byron

The Darlington throwback last Weekend made headlines, not just amazing paint schemes that were used it was mostly because of something the track is notorious for. The oval has more to do with the chaos of was a bit quieter on Sunday as the drivers were less keen to go against each other but the way the race ended has definitely Darlington written all over it as Team Penske No:22 Ford Mustang driver Joey Logano bumped race leader No:22 Hendrick Motorsport Chevy Camaro ZL1 driver William Byron to win the race.  


The 2018 Cup series champion who is known for his aggressive and unapologetic way of racing took out the young HMS driver to secure his first win of 2022 and defended his decision claiming his actions was just retaliation for what occurred between him and Byron earlier the race. While the young gun who was disappointed about the loss accused the veteran of being an ‘idiot’ and a ‘moron’ claiming Logano did it on purpose.

Ryan Blaney who drives the No:12 Team Penske Mustang driver had a tough time after the incident as it occurred among Joey Logano his teammate and William Byron his sister’s boyfriend. Now he was confronted about the situation in this week’s FS1’s NASCAR RaceHub, a show in which he is a regular guest.


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Find out what Ryan Blaney said

Ryan Blaney

Ryan Blaney was a little uncomfortable when he was confronted with the question of which side is he within the Joey Logano and William Byron incident in Darlington as he acknowledged the awkward situation of having to choose between teammates and his sister’s boyfriend. He went on to say he understand both drivers’ mindsets as racers. Ryan Blaney said that he understands Joey Logano explaining his actions as just retaliation for earlier aggression from Byron.

 “Well…Teammates with one. My sister dates the other. Thank y’all for having me back this week again to discuss these topics. I mean, hey, being a racer, I can understand both sides there. From William’s frustration to Joey’s mindset on, you know, he put me on the fence to get the lead, so if I get back to him, I’m going to make sure I get back to the lead,” Ryan Blaney said.

He went on to explain Byron’s situation as he believes that the young HMS driver will be thinking he was wronged by the Veteran in the situation. Ryan Blaney said he understands both the drivers very well as he can justify the action in Lugano’s shoes and at the same time can also be a victim when thinking in Byron’s shoes. He added that drivers bumping each other is a common thing in NASCAR racing.

But in Byron’s situation, he thought he was wronged by — he thought that was over the line of Joey putting him in the fence. I mean, hey, whoever you’re a fan of, you’re going to side with. That’s just what it is. I can understand both sides of it as a racer. If I was William, I’d be upset. If I was Joey, I’d feel justified in what I did. You’re going to always have different mindsets but at the end of the day we’ve seen these things happen toward the ends of these races — people rubbing fenders and bumping and runs,” Ryan Blaney added.

Ryan Blaney went on to say that people who are saying it’s dirty moves or clean racing have to understand the fact that racing has been like this all its time and for such incidents to happen the racing has to be that good. He suggested that NASCAR fans should acknowledge the fact that the 2022 season so far has produced a finish that is very close compared to the past ones.

Let’s not forget the racing has been that good for that to happen. No one has been running away with these things. They’ve been great finishes. I know people have been like is this dirty, clean, what’s going on with the sport. It’s always been this way. We just got to appreciate how it’s always been this close to have these great finishes this year,” says Ryan Blaney.

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