Watch: Anthony Davis leaves Lakers vs Suns Game 6 with re-injuring groin

Witness Anthony Davis leaving the game with his re-occurring groin injury in Lakers vs Suns Game 6

Jae Crowder and Anthony Davi

If the Los Angeles Lakers were to stretch this series to Game 7, the defending champions majorly required their marquee player Anthony Davis to be paying throughout the game. But it was also known to each NBA fanatic that AD would not be at 100%. Given that he had no time to recover from his Groin Injury at all. To bring everyone on the same page, a groin injury usually takes at least a week to recover and should never be put into excessive strain.

With just more than 5 minutes into the game, Anthony Davis attacked the rim and was pushed from behind by Devin Booker. Which caused Anthony Davis to to come to some unease. After which the play was stopped as Anthony Davis sat in-front of his bench is disarray, meaning only one thing. AD’s absence would lead the LA Lakers vulnerable on both ends of the field. With so many stars of the home team, not in full shape, a turnaround in the favor of the home team looks very difficult.

Anthony Davis Groin Injury: How Will the Defending Champions Cope in Lakers vs Suns Game 6

With LeBron James also not looking at his supreme best, the LA Lakers are lacking leadership at the moment.

Not only that, the Phoenix Suns are feeding from the 3-point line to embarrass the defending champions ever further. In the first quarter the Suns have outscore the Lakers 36-14, including some great plays from Devin Booker and Chris Paul.

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Anthony Davis

With many players of the Lakers failing to fire, it remains to be seen what happens in the stages to come. Will the Suns run riot yet again? Or are we going to witness the resurgence of LeBron James in Game 6. Because if LeBron James’ LA Lakers are thrown out of the NBA 2021 Playoffs via the Phoenix Suns, it would be the first time in the Kings’ career that any of team are knocked out in the first round itself.

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