“Never want to poke the bear”: Anthony Davis gets back in rhythm after fight with Jordan Poole

Anthony Davis make huge impact after trash talk against Jordan Poole. Los Angeles Lakers overcome Golden State Warriors' flurries to seal 7th spot.

Anthony Davis vs Jordan Poole

The Los Angele Lakers secured a huge win out of their first play-in tournament. Going against the Golden State Warriors, Anthony Davis and LeBron James settled their scores with the team. As the team booked their seats in the playoffs, the win did not come easy. While trailing in the whole game, Los Angeles Lakers could manage to take their first lead in the 4th quarter. Thanks to Anthony Davis and LeBron James who showed their masterclass late in the game. Anthony Davis started the match with disappointing figures. While repeatedly attempting three balls, he shot 0 of 5n beyond the arc. Moreover, he got into a verbal fight with Jordan Poole. But thanks to this trash talk, that got Anthony Davis right back into the game.

Los Angeles Lakers started poorly from the beginning of the match itself. While the superstars in both the team were slow to start, supporting players had a major role keeping the score board ticking. It was not easy for Anthony Davis to end up with 25-points and 12 assists. With only 9-points in the first half, the Lakers were falling apart. LeBron James showed his heroics late as well closing the game with a triple double. He scored 22-points, 11rebounds and 10 assists while Alex Caruso’s 14-points were a huge aid. Stephen Curry finished with 37-points and Andrew Wiggins had 21 by the end of the game.

Anthony Davis wakes up to a win

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Anthony Davis

While the entire Lakers’ roster was busy keeping the game together, Anthony Davis and Jordan Poole entangled into a verbal aggression. A few trash talking was seen on the court as KCP parted Anthony Davis who was fuming with rage. The Warriors were successful clamping down AD and double teaming him up. Dubs put their best defender, Draymond Green on him to make sure he is suffocated on every possession. However, the trash talk was like an eye opener. Anthony Davis imaging waking up after the verbatim and scoring incredibly. He said, “You never want to poke the bear. I told Jordan Poole that too… I told him ‘you woke me up.’”

As Anthony Davis went crashing into Green, an offensive foul was awarded to him. While getting up, Jordan poole mocked a few words at Davis and a double technical was given to both the players. However, this was Anthony Davis’ saturation point. He went in hot nailing down some conventional foul line jumper. He also scored a huge left handed dunk from LeBron James. He finally made up everything that was putting him down in the first half.

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The Lakers have cemented the 7th seed in the playoffs. They are to face the mighty Phoenix Suns in the first set of matches. LeBron James’ big time clutch shot has made the fans curious. They are desperate to see what new move will he pull out of the box against the Suns.

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