“Are we back in the Cleveland days” LeBron James sends fans down the memory lane with iconic turn-around 3

Back to the good ol’ Cleveland days as LeBron James gives flashbacks of peak form from his Cavaliers championship run.

LeBron James
LeBron James

The star in LeBron James is shining again, giving us the sparks of the good ol’ Cleveland Cavaliers days as the Lakers push through Toronto Raptors in an incredible effort, credits to their marquee player LeBron James, and brodie Russell Westbrook. James who never misses, never fails to impress and never takes an L snapped us back into the past with his incredibly iconic turn-around 3, which became his identity during his time in the Cleveland Cavaliers, and gave insane flashbacks to people all around the world, who witnessed the revival of King James.

LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James gave the Los Angeles Lakers and its fans yet another reason to be hyped up/happy about and still have certain hopes from the team after his peak performance in the Lakers’ game against the Raptors on road, which helped them snap their 11-match away losing streak, and hinting at the rebirth of the peak form LeBron James from the Cavaliers era, which was seemingly missing this year after he got zero support from his team and had to lead the way entirely throughout the season despite the likes of Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony being in the team.

For a 37-year-ol player to be at the peak of his performance in the 19th year of his career in the NBA isn’t a task for anyone, let alone everyone. It is a task only one man can do and a feat only one man can achieve, one half of the goat debate aside from Michael Jordan, LeBron James. James just gave the world flashbacks of his Cavs form through his trademark turn-around 3 point shot and shook up the world.

LeBron took the Lakers to a much needed victory but the his turn around three pointer was one of the biggest highlights of the day, let us take a closer look at this sequence as James shook up the world, giving them flashbacks.

LeBron James gives the world flashbacks with iconic turn-around 3-point shot

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LeBron James

The Lakers vs Raptors was an important for the former team which has been struggling throughout the season, but has specially struggled in the on road games as they lost 11-straight on road games, and this time, they snapped the losing streak, thanks to an iconic performance by LeBron and brodie Russell Westbrook, who came in with the intention of not giving up, no matter what happened in the game.

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With 2 minutes 52 seconds remaining on the clock in the 4th quarter as Lakers were down by 2 points against the Raptors, LeBron James was passed the ball, and was entirely covered from all directions, leaving almost no space to move or pass the ball. The ball slipped from his hands at one point, but that was game time! James went outside the 3-point line and amidst a crowd of players from the other players, he initiated his iconic 3-point shot.


James managed to hit the hard turn-around 3-pointer and shook up the arena which roared with cheers! This single shot hyped up the fans around the world and gave them flashbacks of LeBron’s Cavaliers era which is often referred to as his peak.

Lakers vs Raptors, 128-123

los angeles lakers
The Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers took the game in overtime thanks to a difficult shot by Russell Westbrook as he drilled the three pointer and brought the scores to a level. The Lakers then managed to sneak in the victory from the Raptors’ hands and managed to get a massive dub, ending their 11-match on road losing streak.


Lakers vs Raptors Highkights

LeBron led the way for Lakers with 36 points, 7 assists and 9 rebounds, followed by Russell Westbrook, who scored 22 points in one of his best performances for the Lakers this season. The Raptors fell short in a close matchup and were led by Scottie Barnes who scored 31 points, followed by Gary Trent Jr who scored 23 points.

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