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Ben Simmons trade saga reaches boiling point as Philadelphia 76ers hand over another fine

After being suspended, being imposed upon by hefty-fines what does future await for Philadelphia 76ers' side-lined Ben Simmons?

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons and Philadelphia 76ers have surely got off to the worst start since the NNA 2021-22 Season. With both parties trying everything in their power to disassociate themselves with the other, it seems like the Ben Simmons trade saga has reached its boiling point now, as the team has handed him over with yet another fine. This particular hefty-fine is lodged onto the Australian player because of missing six-game road trip. 

Safe to say, it appears that the Philadelphia 76ers aren’t buying Ben Simmons’ claims of having mental health issues. The former Rookie of the Year has already met with the team’s mental health specialist and it looks like the team has already made their conclusion about the 25-years-old’s current state. 

What fine has been imposed by Philadelphia 76ers on Ben Simmons? 

Ben Simmons is yet to make his debut for the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA 2021-22 Season. Being on the verge of making his exit from the team, Simmons has had an evident tiff with the management and marque player Joel Embiid already and it seems like the Ben Simmons trade saga seems to go on for long before the player steps onto the court for his team. 

Ben Simmons

As of writing, Simmons’ camp has yet to comment on this most recent development. However, his agent, Rich Paul, previously came out with a scathing tirade about the Sixers prioritizing the financial ramifications of this saga over Ben Simmons’ mental health. This is quite a response from Philadelphia 76ers. 

Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons

Having said that, the Philadelphia 76ers will lock horns against the Western Conference giants Utah Jazz, who have experienced a rough patch of form lately.

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