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“Best play way to hide from opponents” Zion Williamson shocked by Jose Alvarado’s ‘SMARTEST’ hiding on corner play

Fans react to Jose Alvarado’s smart play against the Chicago Bulls which had Zion Williamson hyped up.

Zion Williamson and Jose Alvarado

Jose Alvarado ran a high IQ circus-like play against the Chicago Bulls which had the shut-downed Zion Williamson shocked up. As it’s been years someone pulled out such a smart play in the league while just hiding on a corner and he himself alone tries to do that every time he gets an opportunity to. Jose Alvarado is an undrafted young gun of the team but surely has the potential to enter the star conversation if trusted and given some fair chances. As in the game, he showcased a bit of his greats and heroics on both the ends. He was a brilliant playmaker as he helped the team to fetch many needed buckets.

Recently, the New Orleans Pelicans hosted the Chicago Bulls at Smoothie King Center. The game was closely contested and head to head but the Pelicans got the dub as they were unstoppable during the fourth quarter. The final box score stands at 126-109 favoring the New Orleans Pelicans. Currently, the Zion Williamson less New Orleans Pelicans are ranked as the ninth seed in the western conference with the record of 31 wins and 42 losses at .425.

Jose Alvarado

Jose Alvarado in the game dropped 15 points, 7 assists, and 1 rebound while playing for thirty minutes. A video clip of a smart play from his side is viral on the internet. As fans loved watching him use his brain and pull such a play in the league. Even the bench was hyped up watching their mate go in and try it.

Zion Williamson

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Fans react to Jose Alvarado’s smart play against the Chicago Bulls

Jose Alvarado

With eight minutes and fifty-two seconds remaining for the fourth quarter to end. Alex Caruso was called for travel as Jose Alvarado probably jump-scared him while trying to steal the ball as he was hiding in the corner after the last possession and got camouflaged with the bench. But rushed for the ball as soon as it got inbounded. This play from his side even had Zion Williamson hyped up.

There are thousands of reactions to the viral video clip. As fans reacting to it praise and appreciate the efforts of Jose Alvarado. While also demanding some more minutes for him as they believe he is the missing part the team needs to step up. Find some of many such reactions posted by fans on social media platforms here below:

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