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HELLL YEAA! Chris Paul Honest Reaction on Deandre Ayton’s Game Winner in Suns vs Clippers Game 2

Witness how Phoenix veteran Chris Paul gave a shoutout to Deandre Ayton after buzzer beaten Alley Oop Dunk in Suns vs Clippers Game 2.

Chris Paul Deandre Ayton Suns

After Chris Paul tested positive for Covid-19, many speculated that the impressive run from the Phoenix Suns will come to an end after their veteran play-maker would not be a part of this Western Conference Final series vs the Los Angeles Clippers. But it seems like the team and players want to make the absence of CP3 count more than ever. Especially after the Deandre Ayton insane Alley Oop Dunk to seal the victory in Suns vs Clippers Game 2. 


With less than a second remaining, Deandre Ayton was trusted in the insane play from coach Monty Williams, wherein Jae Crowder threw the ball right on top of the rim. And the Suns’ center caught the ball and threw it in ahead of Nicolas Batum and Patrick Beverley who were both left stranded after the emphatic play. However, as soon as the win was registered Chris Paul left no time to give a shoutout to Deandre Ayton 

Chris Paul Shoutout to Deandre Ayton and Coach Monty Williams 

The Phoenix Suns are firmly in the driver’s seat in the Western Conference Finals thus far. They hold a commanding 2-0 lead over the LA Clippers. Despite missing Chris Paul for the first two contests. But the LA side is missing their star as well, with Kawhi Leonard still recovering from his ACL injury he sustained in the Western Conference Semi-Final series against the Utah Jazz. 

Devin Booker and Paul George

As things stands the Clippers have been down 0-2 in all the series, they have been a part of in the 2021 NBA playoffs. Firstly, against Dallas Mavericks, then against Utah Jazz and now Phoenix Suns have replicated the same. With Leonard and Paul looking to be back for their respective team soon, the Clippers need to make the most of their strengths to counter upon the voids of the Phoenix Suns in front of their fans from game 3. 

Deandre Ayton Suns vs Clippers Game 2

Having said that, after Paul George choking in the clutch moments, the Phoenix Suns have deservingly punished their opposition to carry a 2-0 lead heading into Game 3. 

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