“Come out! We need you out of Sierra Canyon!” Charles Barkley hilariously requests LeBron James’ son Bronny to help the stumbling Lakers

Charles Barkly hilariously trolls LeBron James and the Lakers by calling Bronny James who is the eldest son of LeBron James to help out the Lakers in the league this season.

TNT analyst and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley has trolled the Los Angeles Lakers during half-time of the Lakers v Clippers game, by calling out LeBron James’ eldest son Bronny James.

Charles Barkley has had enough of Calling Lakers by their name

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley a TNT analyst who we all love for his hilarious jokes on the show has yet again trolled Lakers and LeBron James after their embarrassing loss once again to the Clippers. The Former MVP and Hall of Famer has refused to even call the team by their name ‘Lakers’, meanwhile calling them a team in southern California. The man has had enough of the Lakers. The Lakers have made a laughingstock of themselves after losing 4 straight games after the NBA All-Star weekend, Clipper don’t even have their 2 best players, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, and even then, the Lakers cannot beat them, and they’ve played the clippers twice in a week.

Chuck had no hope for the Lakers from the very start, calling them ‘old geezers’, where they tried to improve their roster, but have only achieved to sign veteran players, making them the oldest team in the league in all probability. With him predicting the future for the Lakers he wasn’t going to back down from laughing at them when they’ve proved him right.

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Charles Barkley calls on Bronny James to help the Lakers

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LeBron James and Bronny Practicing in the courtLeBron James and Bronny Practicing in the court

The Lakers are below .500 in the league and all probability out of the running for the Play-in tournament. Nothing is going in the right direction for the Lakers at the moment, with Anthony Davis failing to keep himself fit for even a month is looking impossible, and Russell Westbrook playing way below his normal standards. LeBron James is time and time again stepping up to keep the Lakers afloat in the league.

LeBron James had mentioned in the NBA All-Star weekend about his desires to play with his son in the future, it is then he will retire, after playing with his son. Charles Barkley probably remembered that and said in the show, “Can I ask you all my question? Does Bronny start or come off the bench if he makes it on the team this year? Bronny, come on. We need you out of Sierra Canyon.”  Bad news for Chuck and the Lakers, Bronny is not yet ready for the Lakers, and the Lakers are not going to get any help from Bronny.

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