Damian Lillard Trade: Golden State Warriors Enter the Race to Assemble Big 4

Get to know the latest development from the world of NBA upon Damian Lillard trade to Golden State Warriors.

Damian Lillard Trade To Golden State Warriors
Damian Lillard Trade To Golden State Warriors
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Damian Lillard Trade has been the big talking ever since the Portland Trail Blazers were thrown out of the 2021 NBA Playoffs via the hands of Denver Nuggets. Having given his all, to see his team glance through to the next round, Lillard came up short once again. And as a result, to which, talks and rumours regarding his trade have been revolving. The latest to enter this race is Golden State Warriors. 

According to the Athletics’ Anthony Slater, the Warriors are already having a discussion. What a line-up it surely would be with Klay Thompson also returning for the Dubs in the next season. But it seems like the team led by Stephen Curry would have to sacrifice a lot in order to manage their way to acquire Damian Lillard from Portland. 

Damian Lillard to Golden State Warriors? Could it Happen? 

Top 5 point guard of 2020-21
Damian Lillard

“Would the Warriors get involved? Yes. They’d make a call and have already internally discussed the idea, as I’m sure most contenders have, considering the rising smoke out of Portland.” 

“Their theoretical offer would be competitive. If the Portland Trail Blazers decided to trade Lillard, a complete rebuild seems like the wisest path and there aren’t many better rebuilding trade packages dangling out there right now than James Wiseman, the seventh and 14th pick in the upcoming draft, plus more future firsts, attached to Andrew Wiggins as salary match filler. 

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Damian Lillard

It seems like in order to acquire Lillard, the Warriors would have to give up on James Wiseman, who is their future big man. Not only that, the Warriors would also lose two-first round picks. 

Given that with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Damian Lillard, the Golden State Warriors would be impossible to stop offensively. But it will lead teams to get the better off them incredibly on the defensive end.

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Damian Lillard and Stephen Curry

Having said what unravels surrounding Damian Lillard trade remains to be seen in the upcoming days before the start of the 2021-22 NBA Season.

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