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“DeMarvelous”: Fans react to DeMar DeRozan shutting down Jakob Poeltl with a poster on his head

Twitter reacts to DeMar DeRozan dunking on Spurs' big Jakob Poeltl.

DeMar DeRozan and Jakob Poeltl

DeMar DeRozan the Mr. Fourth Quarter was godlike the whole game against the San Antonio Spurs as he showcased his unreal bounce which the fans thought he has lost. But he really gave away a reminder to the league that it isn’t just his mid-range game and package but also the post domination that should be respected and feared by the competitors. He has changed the whole narrative of the Chicago Bulls single-handedly since they signed him this offseason.

Recently, the Chicago Bulls hosted the San Antonio Spurs at United Center and after a closely contested head-to-head match-up stepped up big in the fourth quarter for closing it all on Spurs and winning. The final box score stands at 120-109 favoring the Bulls. Currently, the Chicago Bulls are ranked as the second seed in the eastern conference with the record of 37 wins and 21 losses at .638. On the other hand, the rebuilding San Antonio Spurs are ranked as the 12th seed in the western conference with the record of 22 wins and 36 losses at .379.

DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan gets all the credits for the win as the 40-point performance of him signed the deal for the Bulls. DeRozan in the game dropped 40 points, 7 assists, 3 rebounds and a career-ending dunk on Jakob Poeltl of Spurs. The clip of DeMar showcasing his bounce and shutting down Jakob Poeltl is viral and breaking the internet as fans loved watching him go up in the air and come down on the ground while shutting down Jakob Poeltl.

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Twitter reacts to DeMar DeRozan dunking on Spurs’ big Jakob Poeltl

DeMar DeRozan

DeMar in the second quarter with 6 minutes and 45 seconds remaining went straight to the rim dunking his way on Jakob Poeltl. As he was controlling the ball and the great screen assist from Derrick Jones Jr. created enough space for him to enter the paint and shut the big man down. The game and dunk both brought him back up in MVP conversation as he runs for the award with his great performances so far.

Fans have gone crazy watching him fly once again as they always loved to see him hanging on the rim after gifting a poster. Twitter has thousands of reactions to the viral clip of his as fans post reactions to it appreciating and praising his great game while calling him out as the MVP. Find some of many such reactions on Twitter here below:

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