Watch: Devin Booker clowned Austin Rivers with fancy step-back in Suns vs Nuggets Game 2

Witness all the highlights from Phoenix’s 25 points blowout victory against Denver in Nuggets vs Suns Game 2 at the Phoenix Suns Arena.

Devin Booker
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Since the Nikola Jokic led Denver Nuggets scored the first points in the Western Conference semi-final series Game 2 against the Suns, they trailed the remainder of the game. What was a 10-point lead going into half time, became a 31 point humiliation for the away team, as all five of the Suns’ starters were in double digits to combat against sole warriors for the Nuggets.

However, it wasn’t only on the scoreboard wherein Phoenix Suns were dominating, guard Devin Booker managed to clown Austin River with his fancy footwork to embrace upon his performance.

Suns vs Nuggets Game 2: Devin Booker Humiliated Austin Rivers

Devin Booker has proven to be a dangerous man as of late and he also proved why is he almost unstoppable when he has the rock. Talking about the particular instance, late in the second quarter against the Nuggets, Booker made Austin Rivers question the meaning of life with a crafty step-back jumper. What’s worse? Rivers also committed a foul, giving Devin Booker a bonus point.

Booker got fired up after the and-1 play, which also fired up the Suns bench, especially backup big man Frank Kaminsky.

After knocking 21 points in the first game, Devin Booker switched role as a provider in game 2. Wherein he managed to knock a double-double. Devin Booker scored 18 points and 10 rebound shaving played for 33 minutes against Nuggets in Game 2. The Suns fed on every opportunity provided to them by the away side. Phoenix shot 47.9 percent from the field, including an impressive 47.4 percent from downtown.

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Devin Booker

With the series now moving to Denver, the home team will close to close the gap as they have their fans behind their back. Moreover, with Jokic in form, all he needs is a supporting scorer from the other end.

After the dismal display of basketball, the Nuggets will be hoping to significantly improve upon their form in the next couple of games.

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