Diana Taurasi and Devin Booker Both failed at bringing home the Championship; Netizens mocks both the Phoenix City teams as Phoenix Mercury Lose out in WNBA finals

The fans are not happy with the consecutive losses of the Phoenix city teams in the NBA finals.

Diana Taurasi led the Phoenix Mercury against the Chicago Sky in the WNBA final. The Mercury lost to the sky in a series of 1-3. The Phoenix City has been hapless since last season as they have failed to secure the Championship in both men’s and women’s NBA Finals. After the rigorous regular-season games and coming above all the losses and injuries, the Phoenix Mercury just came short against their opponents.

Twitter goes berserk over the phoenix Mercury’s loss after Phoenix Suns’ defeat last season

The Phoenix Mercury faced the Chicago sky and lost to the game by 74-80 in the WNBA finals. The Chicago Sky was led by Candace Parker and she surely is on the 9th cloud after their win. But the story is different on the other side.

The fans of the Phoenix city teams were recouping from the Phoenix Suns’ loss against the Milwaukee Bucks led by Giannis Antetokounmpo in last season’s final. And, now the Phoenix Mercury added on to that bundle of loss. The disappointment and frustration are quite visible in the Phoenix City fans.

The fact they the members of the Mercury Phoenix have refused to talk to the media after their loss has enraged the NBA fans but some fans are being very supportive and are asking people to let them have a choice.

It is already a tussle for every team in the league to reach the playoffs. The fans should not undermine the fact both the Phoenix City teams; The Phoenix Mercury and the Phoenix Suns have reached the NBA finals. They have rotations that I worth winning NBA championships so the fans should just support and hope for the best for their favorites.

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