“He crossed the line”- Fan escorted away after he continues trash talking about Jordan Clarkson

Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson was constantly abused by two Spurs fans. He somehow controlled himself not to act on his anger.

Jordan Clarkson
Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson is one of the coolest guys in the NBA today. He is known for having fun with the fans in the courtside, often sometimes could be seen interacting with them as well.

However, during the match on Monday against San Antonio Spurs, an unfortunate incident happened with him. The gravity of the situation can be considered by the fact that it is being claimed that Clarkson has even tried to go in the stands to get that fan.

The security escorts the fan who was trash talking about Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson
Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson was encountered with two fans during the game and could be seen going back and forth to them one of them being light-hearted the other one was notorious in nature. Things started to heat up during the fourth quarter of the match during the timeout when the latter person in the words of Clarkson has “crossed the line”.

Clarkson was walking towards those fans during the timeout as the one sitting on the side of Spurs bench went too far. before he could reach there the security at AT&T center took out and escorted the fans out of the court.

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“He just kept saying stuff”- Clarkson expplains why he approched the fan

Jordan Clarkson
Jordan Clarkson

During the post-game interview, Clarkson didn’t say much about the incident rather than telling the people why he got provoked by him because that fan was acting malicious and was crossing the line and saying things about Clarkson which he shouldn’t.

“He just kept saying stuff, kept saying stuff. Throughout the whole game,” Clarkson said afterward. “I usually have playful dialogue with people in the stands, people who are courtside. Another guy was there doing the same thing, but [with him] I knew it wasn’t harmful. A timeout happened, and the [first] guy keeps antagonizing me. He almost challenges me, like, ‘What you gonna do?’ after saying a bunch of stuff.”

However, Clarkson was mature enough to control himself and stopped in between and was fortunate enough to have a timeout and that the things got carried away swiftly in terms of escorting the malicious fan out of the court. He even acknowledged the fact that there was no use fighting with the fan since if he did he would losing and the fan won’t lose much. The decision made by the Utah Jazz’s guard was wise enough as it didn’t create any major scene and spoil the fun of the fans of both teams.

“I was walking away initially, and then he said something again. I turned back around and then he said it again. I’m just like, ‘What’s going on?’” Clarkson said. “Literally, there was a guy sitting next to him the whole game saying stuff, doing stuff, but I knew it was playful — I and he kept winking at each other. But this guy was just a little too malicious with whatever he was saying. At one point I kinda just blacked out and was taking a step towards him.” {HT: The Salt Lake Tribune}

Jordan Clarkson however shared his thoughts on such incidents and had a message for the fans which he said during the interview. “We’re playing basketball, having a good time. Fans have got to learn that we’re human, we’re people too, Stuff like that just can’t fly. Especially on the NBA floor where guys are doing a job,” he said.

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