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“Bron stole all of my money and trafficked me” Former WNBA star Cappie Pondexter outrageously blamed LeBron James for reportedly going missing for 2 years

Get to know all the latest updates and news from the world of NBA surrounding Lakers superstar LeBron James.

LeBron James over the years has become the face of the league. He is debated as the Greatest of All Time alongside Michael Jordan. LeBron James after his years of dominance, name and fame, has attracted quite the attention towards his name. It’s no surprise how much negative media attention his name can attract, even if the case is true or not. Almost anything that the Lakers’ superstar does is put underneath a microscope and analyzed to its very core to look for mistakes and observe whether or not if he’s in the right or wrong. However, there have been some negative incidents that his name has been pulled into, that aren’t even his fault and it’s just someone trying to gain fame by capitalizing off of the name ‘LeBron James’.

LeBron James

Cappie Pondexter was on such person to have levied baseless allegations against LeBron James in order to create some sort of wildfire. She was a 2nd overall pick in the 2006 WNBA draft and saw a fairly successful career in the female-counterpart of NBA. She was a 7-time All-Star and was dangerous from the mid-range. IN 2011, she was even voted as one of the 15 greatest WNBA players in league’s history by fans.

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Throwback to when LeBron James was called a sex trafficker

After retiring in 2018, Cappie was relatively quiet on the social front. But, in October of 2020, she was in the headlines for reasons that don’t suit her reputation and fame. She had been arrested on a battery charge. Following that she went missing. Fortunately, she was traced and found later in that very week. Fast-forward to July 20 of2021, Cappie is back on the headlines. This time it was for an absurd reason. She had started blaming LeBron James for her disappearance.

Cappie Pondexter, a former WNBA All-Star, took to her Instagram Live in July of 2021 and essentially called out LeBron James for ‘trafficking’ her while also’ stealing’ all of her money. She also mentioned to everybody watching her live stream that she, “doesn’t f**k with LeBron James,” due to everything he has allegedly done to her.

During that live stream of hers, she also said that she had been missing for 2 years whilst that was simply just not the case. It was later known that Pondexter suffers from mental health issues. The accusations directed towards the 4x NBA champ finally summed up and people got to know the whole story.

Fans online had mocked Cappie for her allegations as LeBron James is one of the biggest names in the sports world. He’s also one of the richest. LeBron’s investments and turnouts have been well documented by several journalists and followers. To have such a personality ‘steal’ a WNBA player’s money when he’s on pace to become a billionaire is nothing short of absurd.

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