Gilbert Arenas drops LeBron James from his top 5 scorers list including some of the greatest players

Gilbert Arenas names greatest players in his scoring list. Does not pick LeBron James for his index of greatest.

LeBron James and Gilbert Arenas

Whenever the records of NBA are considered LeBron James’ name is bound to come up. The player from Akron has had significant impact through the 18 years of his career. He has carried teams single handed and equalled numerous record. However, LeBron James could not make it to Gilbert Arenas’ top 5 scorers’ list. Hall of Famer Gilbert Arenas appeared on the latest episode of ‘ALL THE SMOKE’ to discuss about the top scorers in the league. Often termed as ‘Agent Zero, Gilbert Arenas named some of the greatest players in his list. However, he left out LeBron James from his top 5 scorers’ while giving a plausible explanation.

Gilbert Arenas named some of the veterans of the game who have influenced the league largely. He added Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony to the catalogue. While a big prospect arose when he did not name LeBron James into the scoring parallel among veterans. He dropped off LeBron James while drawing a huge analysis between the players. Notably, the king was not at par with Kobe or Jordan while Durant had been very consistent scorer. But the explanation he had for A.I. and Melo did not satisfy many jurists.

Taking a closer look on Gilbert Arenas’ picks

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LeBron James

“I gotta be biased because I can only go as far as when I watched the game. Mine is gonna be from, I can’t go backwards… I will say Jordan, Kobe, just pure scorers. Kevin Durant, A.I., and I can’t sleep on Melo. It is hard to sleep on Melo. Joe Johnson has to be, he was a scorer, but I gotta go with Melo,” said Arenas. While he had huge support for Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. While Jordan averaged over 30-points per game from 1986-93, Kobe was an epitome scoring legend. He scored with a huge average for the Los Angeles Lakers. With an effective field goal percentage of 54.5% in his career, he could never have been left out of the roster.

Kevin Durant was the next player to be picked by Gilbert Arenas. According the agent zero, KD was the most consistent performer. He has earned his way through out the league. While Allen Iverson was one of the controversial player in the index. But no one can deny the quality with which the shooting guard put points on the court. He carried the 76ers into NBA finals as well. The consideration for Carmelo Anthony over LeBron James was surprising. Melo had 2013 scoring champion title. This was strong point of analysis for having Melo on board.

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Gilbert Arenas finally said that this list was merely based on his opinion. His personal choice of players under speculated analysis were added. So missing out LeBron James may be a big factor for a lot of analysts but not him. LeBron James is one deserving candidate in the list according to many veterans but might not be for Gilbert Arenas.

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