Hoop fans hilariously troll Donald Trump Jr after attacking LeBron James as ‘LeSnitch’

Get to know how Donald Trump Jr was trolled by fans defending LeBron James for getting fans ejected from Lakers vs Pacers showdown.

Donald Trump Jr and LeBron James
Donald Trump Jr and LeBron James

Safe to say LeBron James doesn’t bond well with Donald Trump Jr and his father, the former President of the United States. And after the 36-years-old veteran was condemned as LeSnitch by Donald Trump Jr, hoop fans had enough disrespect associated to the LA Lakers marquee player especially after knowing about the entire incident which led to the former taking shot at the King. 

To those who are not aware, Donald Trump Jr called out LeBron James when he got courtside fans ejected from the Pacers vs Lakers showdown. The LA Lakers star forward presumably has other things to do than engage with Trump Jr. calling him a “bitch” on Instagram. But James’ many fans have been eager to jump to his defense. 

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LeBron James’ fans come out to defend him against Donald Trump Jr 

In the post-game interview, when LeBron James was questioned upon the same, he stated, James later alleged that the two fans were making obscene gestures and statements. “There’s a difference [between] cheering for your team and not wanting the other team to win and things I would never say to a fan and they shouldn’t say to me.” 

However, take a look at how many famous personnel along with hoop fans lashed onto Donald Trump Jr for attacking LeBron James. 

Other hoop fans took the opportunity to make comments upon Donald Trump Jr’s character and speculate about his habits, some of which we can include here as examples of public opinion. 

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