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“I neither play chess nor checkers” Jonathan Kuminga reveals the ‘Rookie Duty’ Klay Thompson makes him do

Warriors' Jonathan Kuminga hilariously reveals the rookie duty, teammate Klay Thompson makes him do.

Jonathan Kuminga

Jonathan Kuminga has some good times. The Golden State Warriors youngster forward had a strong game, contributing 19 points and seven rebounds off the seat even as the Dubs lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves 119-99 on Sunday night. His group’s presence, in any case, Kuminga is averaging 19.7 ppg and 5.7 rpg while shooting 52.5% from the field for the Dubs in their last three matches.

Jonathan Kuminga

However, Kuminga has more fundamental obligations, as well, for the Warriors. When inquired as to whether he was to a greater extent a chess or checkers player for in-flight amusement during the Warriors’ excursions, Kuminga answered:

“I don’t play neither of those games but I just gotta do my rookie duty and carry that for Klay.”– Jonathan Kuminga during the interaction.

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Warriors Coach Steve Kerr praises Jonathan Kuminga

Jonathan Kuminga

19-year-old Jonathan Kuminga was the seventh overall pick in the 2021 Draft Class. He has played 31 games and has effectively begun two times for the Golden State Warriors this season. Kuminga is averaging 6.4 ppg while shooting 48.6% from the floor in his new kid on the block season for the Warriors.

Kuminga’s best stretch up to this point has been the Warriors’ new four-game excursion after he was reviewed from the Dubs’ G-League subsidiary, the Santa Cruz Warriors. Despite the fact that Kuminga didn’t play in the first of those four games in Memphis, he plainly had an effect for the Dubs in their matchups against Milwaukee (15 points, seven rebounds), Chicago (25 points, 10-of-12 FG), and Minnesota on Sunday night.

Talking about Jonathan Kuminga’s general during the Warriors’ four-game timetable away from home, Golden State Warriors lead trainer Steve Kerr said, “It was a great trip for him. It didn’t start out very well in Memphis. He didn’t play particularly well in his G-league performance, but I thought he really responded well coming off of that game and competed really hard in Milwaukee and in Chicago and in light of things tonight, too. [There are] a lot of things he has to learn, can only be learned through experience.”

Steve Kerr

Kuminga and the Golden State Warriors will presently get back to the solace of their Chase Center home floor, where they will play the following seven rounds of their 2021-22 mission.

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