“I think Skip Bayless is the king of saying Sh**”-Charles Barkley broils LeBron James’ biggest Critic Skip Bayless

Charles Barkley roasts LeBron James' biggest critic Skip Bayless.

Just like Skip Bayless, Charles Barkley too didn’t shy away from showcasing his displeasure about Bayless’ constant habit of cooking up stories.

Bayless has been consistently targeting LeBron James regarding almost everything. From LeBron James’ age to his eating and sleeping habits, his shooting more threes this season, his injuries, etc. The bloody scuffle with Isaiah Stewart in Lakers vs Pistons lifted the condenser veil for Bayless as he went on to call LeBron cheap and dirty on National television.

Criticism is an aspect of a player’s career and he/she has to get accustomed to it but so does the sports analyst. Representing a sport through commentary gives them the leverage to recite what happens and not disparage any player to the extent that it becomes an issue.

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Charles Barkley conveys his displeasure with Skip Bayless

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“I think Skip Bayless is the king of saying Sh**”-Charles Barkley broils LeBron James' biggest Critic Skip Bayless 2

The NBA Legend Charles Barkley is an announcer on TNT’s Inside the NBA show. He is bold in his statements and this time too he just didn’t let his displeasure with Undisputed host Skip Bayless go unannounced.

On Thursday Barkley appeared on “Pat Mac free Show”. That half-hour conversation nearly covered all of Barkley’s hobbies to the NBA. He commented on how ridiculous he finds it when people still compare Michael Jordan and LeBron James when it has been decades since Jordan retired. And, people are just not letting it go rather are weaving stories around it to lure the people for a clickbait.

He stated, ” I think when you have no talent you have to make up shit to talk about. Michael’s been retired for 30 years…When they go on radio or TV, you know you’re going to get clicks when you’re bringing up Michael against LeBron.”

After this, he talked about Fox Sport1’s host Skip Bayless. Charles further added, “Everybody knows I hate Skip Bayless. Because I think he’s the king of, ‘I’m just gonna say sh*t so people will go crazy on me.’”

He further added, “I hate guys who are wrong all the time, and when they get one (right), they go crazy bragging about it. That shit drives me crazy.”

Charles Barkley has made it pretty clear that he dislikes how media uses the NBA players’ names not to explain but rather to engage them in some nasty polls by plotting them against each other to have a large viewership.

The beef between Charles and Skip is nothing new but seems like it rather gotten intense over the years. Skip un-filtered and uncondensed facts sometimes trigger the audience but the fact that he gets under the skin of all the players when others can’t makes him a hilarious character on the broadcasting channels.

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