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“I’m tired of hearing that s**t” Coach Ty Lue gets annoyed after being asked about Kawhi Leonard and Paul George’s return

Coach Ty Lue has had enough of questions about Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, and seemed pissed off with the reporters for asking that.

Tyron Lue with LA Clippers team

Coach Ty Lue doesn’t seem to be wanting to deal with questions about Kawhi Leonard and Paul George every single time that he is in a presser event, be it after the team wins or even after they lose, if there is one question that has remained constant in this entire process is a question regarding their main players who are absent and not the ones who have been in the game, helping the team or helping them stand strong when they lose.

The duty of Ty Lue to be answering every single question that is put forward in front of him seems to be pissing him with a multitude of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George questions coming his way, which are the questions he doesn’t have an answer to. While the coach appreciates the efforts of both of the senior players to step up and help the team and coach them in a way, he doesn’t get the idea behind being constantly asked questions about them.

The Los Angeles Clippers won another match and added another W to their list after beating the Washington Wizards with a 6-point margin and were led by Reggie Jackson with 31-points in that process as the Clippers got a much-needed victory in order to remain in contention to qualify for the playoffs this year in a close fight between multiple teams. Even despite such important sequences going down, the focus of the reporters remained on the questions about Leonard and George, and this is what get to him and managed to piss him off.

Tyron Lue

Let us take a closer look the incident as coach Ty Lue seemed pissed off by questions regarding two of his main players missing, which drew some dramatic reactions and statements from his as he seems to have no update or answer to that question.

Coach Ty Lue pissed off about questions regarding Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard

The absence of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George has been of more trouble to Ty Lue than the entire Clippers team and it shows in his drastic reactions to questions being asked about both the players in all of the pressers the Coach attends where he is expected to address questions, he doesn’t seem to have an answer to. More than the lack of an answer, the repetitiveness of questions seems to be getting to him, in strong ways.

While Coach Ty Lue agreed to the fact that the presence of both the senior players in the background helping all the young players seems to be doing them good, he also agrees to the fact that he doesn’t have any answer to that question.

Coach Ty Lue was then asked if he has any update on either guy, and him shaking his head while looking down at the table answered it all which is when he followed it up by saying, “They’re feeling good man, but I’m tired of hearing that s**t” and everyone laughed it off which is when he said, “when they’re playing, I’ll let you know”. Lue said he was tired of all of that because the match just went down and they won the match and the reporters had nothing else to ask other than updates on Leonard and George.  

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Let us now take a look at the match between the Clippers and the Wizards, which the Clippers won, increasing their chances of getting into the playoffs.

LA Clippers vs Washington Wizards, 115-109

Luke Kennard game winner vs Washington Wizards

The LA Clippers got a much-needed win against rival Washington Wizards as the team powered through their shield, getting a 6-point win, thanks to an overall performance by the entire team.

In the process of getting the dub, the Clippers were led by Reggie Jackson who scored 31 points, 7 assists and 3 rebounds and he was followed by Marcus Morris Sr. who scored 27 points, followed by Luke Kennard who scored 19 points.

In an inadequate effort, the Wizards were led by Kristaps Porzingis who scored 19 points, then Rui Hachimura who scored 18 followed by Kyle Kuzma who scored 17 points.


Wizards vs Clippers Highlights

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