It’s the same question after every game we lose, “How long is it gonna take?”- Russell Westbrook after LA Lakers Loss against the Celtics

Russell Westbrook is not happy with the same question being asked in all the post-match conferences.

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

LA Lakers state in this season is concealed from anyone and Russell Westbrook knows it better than anyone. The Lakers have been a constant receiver of losses since this Season begins. To be precise since this year’s pre-season began.

The preseason was very uneventful for the Lakers as they went winless in 6 of their games. They portrayed a distorted game plan but fans were hopeful enough for their favorite to turn the tables. Performing bad initially is not a sign of a failure but the LA Lakers have been consistent in this aspect.

The Lakers have an amazing lineup with LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, Carmelo Anthony, Talen Horton Tucker, Malik Monk, etc a Line that could potentially take their team to the finals or maybe championship but the Lakers have totally tanked.  Even with an amazing roster, they have lost their last 3 matches, and not just defeated but were blasted off by their opponents in an embarrassing way.

The Celtics blasted off the LA Lakers and Russell Westbrook is not happy

LA Lakers Trio - LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis
LA Lakers Trio – LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis

In their previous match against the Boston Celtics, the fans were hopeful that with LeBron James’ return things might take a new turn for the good but the situation is not yet ready to unwrap itself. The Celtics won in a blowout match by 130-108 against the LA Lakers.

The reporters had a lot of questions for the past match conference so did the Lakers. They are unable to find the root cause even though they have an individually blessed roster, and Westbrook is aware of it but he is also tired of the repeated question being asked again and again. Well, can’t blame the media if there’s nothing to talk about other than defeat.

Russell Westbrook gave his take on the same questions being asked by journalists, “After each game, everybody asks the same questions. And I’m tired of giving the same answers. It’s the same question every game, every time we lose, it’s ‘hey, how long do you think it’s going to take?’ We don’t know. When we win, it’s still going to take some time.”

Westbrook also replied to a journalist’s question that asked if the team has any desperation or urgency to win anything considering the lack of performativity in the pre-season, and the regular season.

Westbrook said, “Nobody’s winning anything right now. When we get our team together and playing and get a better rhythm, that will come as the season goes along.” He added, “I think the reality of it is that everybody on the outside has really high expectations of our team, as they should. But the reality of it is we haven’t really played with each other.”

If this is an excuse or a genuine reason, the people will decide on themselves. The Lakers have been losing in the same way. They start a match, take a lead and then blow the lead in the 3rdquarter.

The Laker Nation can only wish that the Head coach comes with a roster rotation that is the most effective on the court. They are already down 17 games. If this continues then it will be hard to even qualify.

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