Watch: Oh My God..Wow!”: Joel Embiid Reveals Honest Emotion On Kawhi Leonard Epic Dunk

Watch: Oh My God..Wow!”: Joel Embiid Reveals Honest Emotion On Kawhi Leonard Epic Dunk

Joel Embiid on Kawhi Leonard

It has been a familiar case that the NBA players have always appreciated each other’s individual highlights and brilliant plays. One such moment was witnessed once again when Joel Embiid was talking about his team’s performance in the post-match interview after the Game 4 loss against Atlanta Hawks.


Yet Kawhi Leonard’s monstrous dunk on Derrick Jones made Embiid stop talking and just smile admiring the effort of The Claw in Jazz vs Clippers Game 4. Safe to say that, Joel Embiid was all of us in this particular moment. While it’s difficult to forget the Philadelphia 76ers’ epic collapse against the Atlanta Hawks on Monday.

Joel Embiid on Kawhi Leonard: How Did Embiid React on Leonard’s Brilliant Play

However, Kawhi Leonard made it easier with what could be said as the craziest dunk of the playoffs. It was that vicious.

Adding salt to the wounds, the Clippers were up by more than 20 points at that period. The dunk did nothing but emphasize how dominant the home team were in the contest.

Kawhi Leonard

The LA Clippers seemed to be on the verge of breaking the shackles of the Jazz defense since the opening minutes. Eventually after extreme offensive prowess shown, the home team outscore Jazz 30-13.

Gaining immense confidence, the LA Clippers out-performed Jazz even in the second quarter 38-21. Going into the halftime the Kawhi Leonard led side had more than 20 points lead.

With Paul George, Markieff Morris Sr and Kawhi Leonard able to score comfortably from behind the arc, the Clippers have easily managed to pave their way back into this series 2-2.

It was Leonard and Paul George who led the charge scoring 31 points each for LA. Whereas Donovan Mitchell was the lone warrior for the Utah Jazz with game-high 37 points. Jordan Clarkson continued to in Game 4 as well, having scored only 8 points in 30 minutes of game time.


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