WATCH: John Collins almost ends Joel Embiid’s career with a poster down his throat

Take a look on John Collin tries to end Joel Embiid's career with a poster dunk. Atlanta Hawks look to seal game 6 and advance to conference finals.

John Collins Girlfriend
John Collins Girlfriend

The Atlanta Hawks are on a winning trail. Players like Trae Young, John Collins and Bogdan Bogdanovic have contributed significantly. Their perimeter shooting has seen no stop. However, their paint game has now been the talk of the town. As game 6 is underway, John Collins threw down a dunk on Joel Embiid. His paint game has been strong and hopefully help them etch the victory to advance down to conference finals. The Philadelphia 76ers have started with a whooping start to game 6. Joel Embiid has been over the score board. But John Collin’s dunk will be the highlight of the series.

Atlanta Hawks are currently 3-2 up in the series against 76ers. Atlanta Hawks have started the game 6 in good shooting form. Trae Young has lined up huge scores with his empathetic shooting. More than the perimeter shooting, 76ers have been pro-active in the paint. Philadelphia 76er are lining up after John Collins scoring in the form. But the career ending dunk by John Collins on Joel Embiid has brought a crowd alive at Atlanta home.

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John Collins and Trae Young

Joel Embiid get dunked on by John Collins

John Collins just tried to put an end to Joel Embiid’s career in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Atlanta Hawks and the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday night. Collins rose up to finish an alley-oop from Trae Young, and unfortunately for him, Embiid was on the wrong end of Collins’ poster. Take a look on how John Collins hovered over Joel Embiid to finish the massive loud dunk.

John Collins absolutely threw one down over Embiid, who for his part, looks like he even sustained a bit of an injury from the play. We’re not buying it, Joel; we all know the only thing that got damaged from this play was your ego. Embiid held his nose straight up and wanted an offensive foul after the play. But the explosive dunk by John Collins has brought life to Atlanta crowd. With such highlight plays, hopefully Hawks will seal the series and advance to conference finals.

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