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Jrue Holiday Wife: Know the Milwaukee Buck’s point guard Jrue Holiday’s Olympic medallist wife

Here is a brief on Milwaukee Bucks' point guard Jrue Holiday and wife Lauren Cheney holiday. Know more about the power sports couple here.

Jrue Holiday wife
Jrue Holiday and Lauren Cheney Holiday

The Milwaukee Bucks’ latest addition, Jrue Holiday has performed big time for the team. Jrue Holiday is popularly known for his defensive abilities in the league. Coming off the bench he has put a huge performance in the playoffs and the NBA finals as well.

In this article, we will take close look at Jrue Holiday wife and personal information about the couple. His love life has been low profile, but that doesn’t stop the couple from posting on social media.

Jrue Holiday Wife
Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday wife is Lauren Cheney, who retired in 2015. Lauren is a US international soccer player who has won the 2015 World Cup. She is a 2-time Olympic gold medalist as well. Take a closer look at who she is and know more.

Jrue Holiday wife: Who is Lauren Cheney Holiday?

Jrue Holiday Wife
Lauren Cheney Holiday

Lauren Cheney is a former US women’s soccer midfielder who dedicated eight years (2007-15) to the national team. After an open heart surgery as a 3-YO child, Lauren grew up to become a two-time Olympic gold medalist. To add to her list of achievements, she lifted the FIFA World Cup. From clinching the MVP award in 2013 and earning the Golden Boot the same year, Lauren became quite the name in her playing career.

Jrue Holiday Wife
Jrue Holiday and Lauren Cheney

The talented duo first met each other as athletes at UCLA. Jrue eventually got drafted to Philadelphia 76ers in 2009 and the two began their dating life. They finally announced their marriage in 2013 while Jrue was on his way to play for New Orleans Pelicans.

Jrue Holiday Wife
Lauren Cheney

In 2016, Lauren was diagnosed with a brain tumor while she was six months pregnant with their daughter. Jrue took time off from the league to see his wife at that time. Well, everything went smoothly and now they have two children. They are one of the best-known sports couples.

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