Kawhi Leonard Trade: Best Three Teams the Claw Could Leave the LA Clippers For this Offseason

Know all about the best three teams surrounding Kawhi Leonard trade in this offseason after LA Clippers exit from the 2020-21 Playoffs exit.

Kawhi Leonard Trade
Kawhi Leonard Trade Options

Even though Kawhi Leonard has spent several seasons at the Los Angeles Clippers now, yet the Los Angeles Clippers have not managed to win the NBA Championship. With the Claw being out of the playoffs since the last two games against the Utah Jazz. His absence haunted the Clippers against the flaming hot Phoenix Suns, who managed to make their fourth appearance into the NBA Finals after winning the Western Conference final series 4-2. 

After Paul George tried his all and made the team reach its first ever Conference finals, it wasn’t enough for the team to go all the way through. Evidently, Leonard failed to clinch the NBA Championship with the Clippers, let us look at his possible trade option if in case the Claw manages to depart ways with the Los Angeles Clippers in the offseason ahead of the start of the 2021-22 NBA Season. 

Kawhi Leonard Trade: The Best Three Teams Where the Claw Can Depart in This Offseason 

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Kawhi Leonard

Leonard set to hit free agency this summer and previously having turned down an extension with the team. Let us take a look at the best three teams where Kawhi Leonard could find his home in this offseason- 

Miami Heat 

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Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard

A match made in heaven after looking upon Kawhi Leonard’s injury frequency and Miami Heat’s training staff. There is no doubt that this staff could manage to make sure that the Claw stays healthy for long and is able to bounce back from injuries much quicker. In addition, the tenacity of the Heat culture that is led by Erik Spoelstra and Jimmy Butler would be able to elevate Kawhi’s dominant two-way play to even greater heights. 

Moreover, Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and Kawhi Leonard could form the next big three in the NBA and can help the Heat manage the best form on both ends of the court. 

New York Knicks 

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Kawhi Leonard

One of the underdogs of the 2020-21 NBA Season were the New York Knicks, who saw great players stepping up to represent the legacy of the veteran club. With Julius Randle and RJ Barrett on the side, Kawhi Leonard’s experience and leadership could be the key in helping the Knicks finally achieve what they have desired for long now. 

Not to mention, Leonard would bring his championship pedigree and clutch play to a Knicks team that hasn’t been past the first round of the playoffs since Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire were in town. 

Denver Nuggets 

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Kawhi Leonard

Just imagine a starting line-up of Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, Kawhi Leonard, Aaron Gordon and Michael Porter Jr. Looks phenomenal isn’t it. Denver Nuggets are surely looking for a fresh start after the disappointing exit from the playoffs this year. Having to take some decisive measures, bringing in Kawhi Leonard could be one of the most interesting ones. 

These are the best three teams surrounding Kawhi Leonard trade in this offseason. However, it remains to be seen what actually happens as the action unfolds as the days come by.

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