Insane! Kevin Durant on Lionel Messi’s Crazy FC Barcelona Contract

Witness the epic reaction from Kevin Durant on Lionel Messi's Insane FC Barcelona contract as it comes to an end officially today.

Kevin Durant on Lionel Messi
Kevin Durant
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Lionel Messi signed by biggest contract in the history of sports when he agreed upon a 4-year deal with FC Barcelona worth $674 Million. Arguably the best player to ever enrich the field of football, Messi has done justice to ever single amount of his contract over the years with the Catalan club. Among many athletes, Nets’ Kevin Durant still cannot believe the insane contract as it comes to an official end today. 

Durant was quick to point out how unbelievable it was that a player was offered $674 Million over the course of 4 years in a positive manner. Messi signed this particular deal in 2017, and is likely to stay with Barcelona for the next season after the Copa America 2021, which may fetch him a bigger and better contract. 

Kevin Durant on Lionel Messi’s Insane FC Barcelona Contract 

The Brooklyn Nets star is just like every one of us. While there is a lot of money in the NBA, it just pales in comparison to football. To put that into better perspective, what Lionel Messi earned over the past four years is bigger than the likes of LeBron James, Tom Brady and Cristiano Ronaldo who are among the best athletes in the world.

Lionel Messi to leave Barcelona this summer
Lionel Messi

Having said that, for what it’s worth, Kevin Durant’s current contract with the Nets pays him$164 million in four years. He is set to earn $40 Million each in the next two years, but that is still far from what Messi has earned and would probably earn moving forward.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Lastly Messi is yet to reach a new contract with Barcelona, as the club seems to be struggling financially due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. While it remains to be seen when the extension will be made, the Nets superstar will surely be keeping an eye on it. As for Durant, his next challenge is to fetch USA their next gold medal at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

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