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“SH**SHOW” Kevin Durant’s brutally honest 6-word reaction to Slam Dunk Contest letdown

Kevin Durant gives a savage six-word reaction to this year's slam dunk contest.

Kevin Durant

To say that the headliner of NBA All-Star Saturday was a failure would be putting it mildly, without a doubt. It was one of the most forgettable Dunk Contests we’ve found in some time and for reasons unknown, even Brooklyn Nets whiz Kevin Durant needed to ring in on the setback. KD reacted to a tweet by webcast co-have Eddie Gonzales recommending that Durant would have won that Dunk Contest assuming he had chosen to join the merriments. The Nets star chose to answer the tweet with a basic five-word message alongside a GIF of himself:

Kevin Durant seems to be not too interested in joining the Dunk Contest

The NBA Dunk contest used to be the crème de la crème of the All-Star weekend. In some years the dunk contest was miles better than the All-Star game. 2016 Lavine vs Gordan or the Jordan free-throw line dunk, Vince Carter‘s iconic dunk contest, and even the Nate Robinson Dunk contest are some great examples of that. 

The 2022 dunk challenge anyway was downright appalling. Obi Toppin won the dunk challenge and he didn’t need to do a lot to win it. He set up a few incredible dunks however by and large in the opposition we saw dunks that would not make the rundown of the main 1000 dunks ever.

Kevin Durant and PJ tucker

The fans were not by any means the only individuals that felt that notwithstanding. Kevin Durant who couldn’t partake in this years’ occasions watched the dunk challenge. He’s known to have beast slam dunks yet not a name you would connect with the dunk challenge. Indeed, even he fooled on the current year’s release with his tweet.

Kevin Durant

It seems like KD isn’t excessively keen on joining the Dunk Contest at any point in the near future. It appears as though he’s making light of his dunking capacities in his tweet here also. Truly, the Nets whiz isn’t the most ostentatious ethereal gymnastic performer out there, yet he has had his reasonable portion of banners as the years progressed.

Obi Toppin

In any case, I really accept that Kevin Durant would have had a shot at winning Saturday’s Dunk Contest assuming he really took part. His “essential one hand” dunks would have most certainly scored better grades rather than a few different dunks (or misses) we saw on Saturday night.

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