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Knicks News: Tom Thibodeau Ventilates Kemba Walker’s protracted absence amid Season struggles

Tom Thibodeau gives an honest answer after benching Kemba Walker.

Kemba Walker finally witnessed his dream becoming a reality in front of his eyes when the New York Knicks signed him. Kemba and the Knicks are tied in a 2-year deal that gives the former an $8 Million per year. But even before he could savor his homecoming the situations took a turn for the worst.

The Knicks are not quite content with their decision of signing Walker and are keeping an eye on possible trade opportunities. The four-time NBA All-Star has become the short end of the sticks for the Knicks. Kemba once surely was an astounding player and still maybe be, but since joining Kicks he has been averaging low and low scores. The Knicks are quite ambitious this season to build a team that could stand strong against the league’s bigger names.

The Knicks are not ready to tamper with one aspect of rebuilding their team even if it means to bench superb players. The stats don’t justify but the continuous portray of substandard performance sometimes leads to unexpected situations.

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Kemba Walker catastrophe is only taking a turn for the worst

Kemba Walker

Even if Kemba Walker goes back to the peak form that he had with the Charlotte Hornets where he was scoring 25.6 points per game still the New York Knicks are getting this year’s title.

So, their decision of putting Kemba Walkers off the regular roster was already shocking enough but to trade him off just when he has signed for a few months now is absolutely devastating for his fans. The man is obviously not what he was once but he still is the same. Not giving enough chances to make him turn the tables around for himself only will put the franchise in jeopardy as they easily give up on their players.

But Knicks’ decision as a franchise also seems viable because they ultimately have to build a team keeping the current and future situation in mind. In retrospect, they want to have more consistency.

The tug of war is just proving more catastrophic for Kemba Walker. After yesterday’s blowout defeat against the defending champions the Milwaukee Bucks by 112-97, Kemba seemed upset as he went DNP-CD again. During the post-match interview, the head coach gave a reason for gluing Kemba on the bench with “Basically a coaching decision.”

This was walker’s 7th DNP. The Head coach Tom Thibodeau’s intentions are pretty clear on Kemba Walker. He doubts if Kemba with his current ability can fit in the team’s regular roster.

With/without Kemba, the Knicks are still struggling this season. With yesterday’s defeat, the Knicks have now lost their last 3 matches consecutively. The Knicks are making changes and removing players but their performance is still not improving. Any change without results is often called impulsive, and we are sure Tom doesn’t want to be called that.

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