Kobe Bryant lawsuit deposition reveals horrifying details of helicopter crash’s immediate aftermath

Get to know all about the latest news and developments from the world of NBA surrounding Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant.

Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant

Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant was at the centre of a deposition for her lawsuit against the Los Angeles County over leaked photographs of her husband’s helicopter crash early in 2020. For the first time, that any hoop fan could recall, the widow of Kobe Bryant revealed the chilling details of how she learned of the tragic incident. In an article published by Yahoo Sports, Ryan Young provided a summary of Vanessa’s statements from the deposition. 

Reading those statements, there are no words for many NBA and hoop fans to describe this dramatic turn of events which led to the demise of Kobe Bryant and his daughter. One can only imagine the rollercoaster of emotions Vanessa must have gone through during that traumatic ordeal. Safe to say, times like these just make us realize how much we all miss the former LA Lakers player. 

Kobe Bryant lawsuit deposition 

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Kobe Bryant and Family

Vanessa Bryant was at home with their two youngest daughters when a family assistant knocked on her door around 11:30 a.m. That assistant said that Kobe and Gianna had been in a helicopter accident, but that five people had survived. 

Initially, Vanessa thought that Kobe and Gianna were alive and helping other victims. She tried to call him, though, and started seeing notifications of Kobe’s death appear on her phone. 

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Vanessa Bryant and Natalia Bryant

Vanessa then scrambled to try and get to the crash site, per the report. She initially went to an airport to take a helicopter, but officials wouldn’t take her due to the weather. She ended up riding with Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka to the Malibu sheriff’s station. 

There, she said, “no one would answer” her questions about Kobe and Gianna. Eventually, she said a pastor, publicist and Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva entered the room — which is when Villanueva finally confirmed that Kobe and Gianna were among those killed.

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