“KUNG FU LEPANDA” Twitter sensationalised as LeBron James gets witnessed meditating during time-out after clutch baskets

Twitter reacted to an unusual sighting of LeBron James meditation on the bench right after his clutch shots against the Jazz.

LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James didn’t only come up with a masterful performance in the game which helped the Los Angles Lakers taking a much-needed dub against their counterpart Utah Jazz, but he also gave us a gem of a video in which LeBron James can be seen meditating after taking clutch shots which brought back the Lakers in the match they were trailing in almost throughout the match. LeBron James gave us one hell of a sight as he was seemingly calming his mind or rather preparing for what he was going to do with 3 minutes left in the match.

With what was seen as a close matchup for the Lakers in which they were trailing almost throughout the game and they managed to pull the pace up only after LeBron James suddenly took over the court, the Lakers won a close match against the Utah Jazz thanks to the sudden turn of events created by LeBron James who got in form midway after the 4th quarter.

Let us take a look at happenings In the match closely while taking a look at LeBron James meditating after scoring clutch points which gave them the much needed lead which they carried forward for the remaining time in the match.

LeBron James spotted meditating after hitting clutch points, giving Lakers the lead

LeBron James
LeBron James

After LeBron James turned the tides around for the Lakers in heir favour, he was spotted calming down his head in a sudden turn of events for his team which brought them the lead.

The Lakers were trailing throughout the match but Lebron James decided to take the burden of making his team win on his shoulder and went on to give us a masterful performance which gave his team the much-needed dub after the team had been on a losing streak of 3 matches and ended their win drought with this performance, which obviously was a in high pressure and high heat environment.

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With all these things happening so quickly and LeBron James taking all the pressure on himself to make his team win despite trailing throughout the match, it is a bit obvious that a player needs to go to the bench and get some rest, but LeBron had a different way to take rest today, which was a bit unusual as spotted by the users on social media and therefore it went viral, causing great and funny reactions.

Let us now take a look at the reactions people had to LeBron James meditating on the bench after his clutch points.

Twitter reacts to LeBron James meditating on the bench in a timeout after his clutch performance

Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz, 106-101

Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James led the way for the Lakers with 33 points, 5 assists and 8 rebounds followed by Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook who scored 17 points each in an effort to take the Lakers to a win against their rivals, the Utah Jazz.

In an inadequate effort and lack of performance display in the end moments, Donovan Mitchell led the way for the Utah Jazz with 37 points, 5 assists and 3 rebounds, followed by Bojan Bogdanovic who scored 15 points and Jordan Clarkson who scored 13 which wasn’t enough to grant them the dub.


Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Lakers Highlights

In reaction to James’ performance, the Lakers’ coach Frank Vogel said, “What we saw LeBron do, it’s just remarkable. What he continues to do at this point of his career, to take over a game in the fourth quarter the way that he did with his energy, will and determination, it was really something special.”

In reaction to his masterful performance, LeBron said, “I just tried to take the inspiration of what he was able to accomplish over the past couple days. He’s the greatest defensive player I have ever seen play the sport. For him to take time out of his day and watch us play after the parade was amazing.”

The Lakers now need to feed off of their players’ form in order to get victories and need to aim for an overall effort by the entire team as just only one player performing wont help them anymore.

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