LeBron James follows Michael Jordan’s footsteps with insane Nike move

Get to know about all the latest news from the world of NBA surrounding LA Lakers' marquee LeBron James.

LeBron James Nike
LeBron James Nike

There is no denying that Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James has come to closest to Michael Jordan in the G.O.A.T debate than any other hoop star. Be it on the court or off it, LeBron seems to be the only player who could challenge the legendary Air Jordan. Talking about off-court moves, it seems like the 36-years-old veteran has achieved one more staggering feat to match Jordan’s illustrious career. 

Now to those who are unaware, Complex Sports reported that for the first time, LeBron’s trademark logo will be worn on a university’s jersey. The Los Angeles Lakers star will have his iconic “King” logo on the jerseys of Florida A&M University. Much like the Jordan logo dawned by various jerseys all around the world in various sports. 

LeBron James Insane Nike Move Catches Eye 

This particular move from the Lakers star about a year after Nike and Jordan Brand have officially acquired the rights to outfit UCLA basketball and football. This move came at the heels of a falling out between the university and Under Armour.  

LeBron James dunks on Kevin Porter Jr
LeBron James

The Bruins will don the iconic Jumpman logo starting July 1, joining five more universities who have already signed with Nike. 

This is a huge move from LeBron James, as he’s looking to secure his off-court impact once he retired. Despite popular belief that he’s a cyborg, James is only human. Getting brand recognition from a significant sports program will definitely help LeBron’s brand to be more visible.

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