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LeBron James pays tribute to NFL’s Hall of Famer Late John Madden

Lebron James reacts to shocking death of John Madden.

Lebron James and John Madden

John Madden an NFL legend known for his coaching career and skills passes away aged 85 on December 28, 2021 leaving the world of sports in state of shock. The cause for John Madden’s death isn’t yet disclosed but the news being so unexpected and revealed by NFL has left every one saddened.

John Madden got his name attached to a NFL-video game series for endorsement known as Madden NFL, where after he got the most recognition in the world of NFL for being a great coach and the best mind to run a play on the field. He was the head coach of Oakland Raiders of the National Football League for 10 seasons (1969-1978) and also guided them to a championship in Super Bowl XI.

John Madden

John Madden after retiring from his legendary coaching tenure, took on to a new journey as a sports caster for NFL telecasts with different media companies like FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC till 2009. John Madden had a .759 winning percentage during his time as head coach of Oakland Raiders which is the highest percentage in history of NFL for a coach who have won 100 games. Being one of the greatest coach ever and a reason for the sport having this big of a fan base today, John Madden was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame back in 2006.

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LeBron James on John Madden’s death

LeBron James

LeBron James being one of the greatest player to play the game of Basketball has never limited himself in the world of sports and showed the same level of interest, passion and enthusiasm for every other sports but football tends to top the list of LeBron James as “The King” has some history with the game during his high school days and still enjoys watching it.

As the news for unexpected passing of John Madden was out LeBron James knowing the importance of Madden came out to pay his respect to the great via his personal Twitter handle before Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets matchup. Keeping in view the greatness of John Madden and a legend he was, LeBron James paid his tribute referring John as “GOAT” and respecting his Legacy. With LeBron James many other Athletes of different sports, media personalities and fans have also come out on social media to pay tribute to John Madden and respect his influence and efforts to bring the game where it stands today.

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