Matisse Thybulle enters “Health and Safety Protocol”- Philadelphia 76ers in Turmoil

Matisse Thybulle joins the "Health & Safety Protocol".

Matisse Thybulle is the latest addition to the NBA’s “Health& Safety Protocol” and the third for the Philadelphia 76ers.

The first Philly player to enter the Protocol was Tobias Harris. As per the sources, Tobias Harris entered the “Health& Safety Protocol” on Monday just 40 minutes before the match was scheduled to tip-off, and is expected to miss a lot of Sixers’ upcoming games.  Harris is Philadelphia lead scorer and has averaged 19.8 points this season.

After Harris, Isaiah Joe started exhibiting the COVID Symptoms. Joe is a 2nd-year guard for Philadelphia and has been putting up promising plays so far in the season but has to miss the game against the Detroit Pistons after clocking just a few minutes over 5  against the Chicago Bulls. His presence around the team members had resulted in the COVID testing of the whole Philadelphia roster.

What will happen to Philadelphia 76ers?

The Head coach River informed the press about Tobias Harris’ condition.

He’s doing okay, but not great, honestly.”

He further added, “You know, that’s the most I’m going to say about it. It hit him for sure. A lot of guys have had this, and they are mad like, ‘What the hell, I’m fine?’ Tobias is not in that category right now. I could tell you that.”

The Philly roster was already short-handed and now they have one more payer who could be COVID infected. Matisse Thybulle enters the “Health& Safety Protocol” ahead of Philadelphia’s game against the Chicago Bulls.

 The controversy revolving around Ben Simmons has wretched his relations with his fellow players. The 25-year-old All-Star is a cash-cow for the Sixers and they won’t be settled for anything less than what they think is commensurable. Therefore, they have neither let him go nor would allow him to play. So, he has been ruled out once again for the ninth-straight game this season.

Injuries, Controversies, and COVID are ruling out all of Philadelphia’s regular roster players and the Burden lay heavily on Joe Embiid. The only exposition to this situation is that Philadelphia are in deep trouble, and maybe would have not even the regular number of players to continue this season.

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