Michael Jordan’s worn Nike Air Ships sold for a Record-Breaking price at the Auction

Read about Michael Jordan's Nike Air Ships at a record-breaking price.

Michael Jordan has a crazy fandom no doubt but when his 1985 work Nike Air Ships were sold for almost a million and a half at an Auction it was no shocker. Michael Jordan, a Hall of Famer, is considered the best player in the history of the NBA. He is respected across all the sports fraternities. He hasn’t created history just in basketball but also in the fashion world when he collaborated with Nike in 1985; which is now a billion-dollar deal.

Jordan’s Nike Air Ships broke the auction record

The Nike Air Ships sold for a whopping amount of $1.47 Million and that is the highest for any game-worn sportswear. The sneakers were already expected to be sold between $1 Million and $1.5 Million. So, it wasn’t a big surprise when it broke the record. The feat of the sneakers sold at the highest amount at an auction belongs to Kanye West for an amount of $1.8 Million.

As per the reports from Sotheby, an auction company, they revealed that the early Nike Air Ships worn by Michael Jordan during his first season with the Chicago bulls in 1985 is won by Nick Fiorella.

Nick Fiorella, a collector also bought Luka Doncic’s card for $4.8 Million back in April. Twitter fans are shocked at the price difference between MJ’s Nike Air Ships and Luka Doncic’s Card.

“This record-breaking result for the Jordan Nike Air Ships affirms the place of Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan franchise at the pinnacle of the sneaker market,” said Sotheby’s Brahm Wachter after Sunday’s auction in Las Vegas.

The sneaker collecting crowd is increasing. the collectors would any amount just to get their hands on one-in-the-world kind of sneakers. The Nike Jordan’s aren’t just a pair of shoes they are the watershed moment for the Fashion and Sneakers world.

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