“Those Kind of Plays are Dangerous”: Monty Williams on Patrick Beverley’s Foul on Chris Paul in Game 5

Get to know what was opinionated by Suns' coach Monty Williams on Patrick Beverely after the foul on Chris Paul in Game 5.

Monty Williams on Patrick Beverley Foul on Chris Paul in Game 5
Monty Williams on Patrick Beverley Foul on Chris Paul in Game 5
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The Los Angeles Clippers were simply the best team in Game 5 against the Phoenix Suns. Having being led by Paul George, who scored more than 40 points, the team found their strength till Game 6. But not all plays for the away team were pretty. Especially one in particular, wherein Patrick Beverley fouled veteran Chris Paul, who endured a filthy slip after the incident. Surely Suns’ Coach Monty Williams was in no mood to appreciate it. 

The officials deemed it a flagrant foul penalty one. Chris Paul hit all three free throws and the Suns scored off the inbounds, scoring five points on the one possession. Having said that Monty Williams was adamant in calling out the dangerous and rough play from Patrick Beverley, who for obvious reasons is known in the past to trigger his opponents. 

Monty Williams on Patrick Beverley After Fouling Chris Paul in Game 5 

“You know, some of the stuff that’s happening is just, it is what it is, but when a guy does that kind of stuff consistently, what do you say as a coach?” Monty Williams asked media members rhetorically. “I can call the league, I can talk to the officials in the NBA, it doesn’t do anything until something’s done about it. Those kinds of plays are dangerous. You know what I mean? 

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Chris Paul and Monte Williams

“Jae gets a flagrant for touching a guy in the face. That play with Chris, I have to watch it more on the film, but we can’t let those kinds of plays get into our heads. They were physical tonight, that was an example of it, I want to watch the film before I make a declaration about that play, but they played desperate.” 

Monty Williams added, “Do I think it was a dirty play? No. But I think even when you’re playing with a certain degree of aggressiveness it can come off the wrong way.” 

The Clippers are now 3-2 in the Western Conference Finals and are still without Kawhi Leonard who seems to be unavailable for Game 6 as well. Yet the good news for the Clippers is, that the series will unfold its next chapter in the Staples Center, wherein they would have their home fans rooting for them.

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