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“Never stare the 3-POINT GOD” Twitter hails Stephen Curry as he sends Kevin Porter Jr to hell after ‘unnecessary’ stare

Kevin Porter Jr. brings the beast inside Stephen Curry back into the business as the 3-point king leads Warriors past Rockets in the latest showdown.

Stephen Curry in action against the Rocket Star Kevin Porter Jr.

Stephen Curry is very well known for his 3-point shooting but there is one more thing that we never notice in his personality. No matter how many points Curry scores he never acts aggressive or gets into unnecessary fights on the court while playing. Recently, the Warriors faced the Rockets and we saw how calmly Curry reacts when someone tries to provoke him.

On Monday night a solid clash was seen between the experienced team of the Golden State Warriors and the young’uns of the Houston Rockets. The young players of the Rockets were too excited to crush the team full of stars and so was their star youngster Kevin Porter Jr. In this excitement KPJ made his biggest mistake to go one on one with Stephen Curry and might have made his nomination to Shaqtin’ A Fool.

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Kevin Porter Jr. brings the beast inside Stephen Curry back into the business

Stephen Curry in action with Kevin Porter Jr.

In the third quarter of the game, KPJ was called for fouling on Curry which he clearly didn’t like and he even tried to complain about the situation to the officials. Later, in frustration, he took his all attention towards the star point guard of the Warriors. He signified that he will target Curry by pulling up his shorts and giving a stare-down while standing right beside him.

Stephen Curry was witnessing the whole situation but acted wise and decided to ignore all the mischiefs of the Rockets Kiddo, but it was sure that Curry has taken the situation seriously and which even lit the fire inside him to prove KPJ who is the boss here.

As a result, Curry got into his beast mode and scored 21 out of his game-high 40 points in the fourth quarter of the game. Even Steve Kerr decided not to calm the beast by calling him on the bench to calm down.

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Stephen Curry on KPJ’s direct challenge to him

Stephen Curry with Kevin Porter Jr after the game

When Stephen Curry was asked about the incident with KPJ by Bonta Hill, Chris Mullin, and Dorell Wright. He replied, “I like his competitiveness.”

“He’s got a dog in him and he wanted to take on that challenge. There was a play, I think a couple off-ball fouls, and I won’t say there was chirping, but there was a little gamesmanship. And then we had a steal, I got a good defensive stop and we got a steal and I came down in transition, and that kind of lit the fire for the rest of the game,” said Stephen Curry.

Moreover, the Warriors defeated the Rockets with a score of 122-108, while it was Curry’s best performance after 23rd December and the sparks which Kevin Porter Jr. has lit might become the dangerous call for the other NBA teams.

Here’s how NBA fans on Twitter reacted to the unnecessary dig of KPJ on Steph Curry

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