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“He has nowhere to go” Brian Windhorst explains potential return of Kevin Durant to the Nets

NBA reporter Brian Windhorst explains why Kevin Durant may not be traded and will continue with the Brooklyn Nets for another season

Kevin Durant

As we enter the 47th day since Kevin Durant’s first request for a trade-off, his future looks more uncertain than ever. With over four years and $194 million left on the deal KD not only wants out of the Brooklyn Nets, it is reported that the two-time MVP informed the team owner Joe Tsai in early August that the only way he was going to stay in Brooklyn would be if the Nets were to fire general manager Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash. Joe Tsai however didn’t give in and has been very vocal about it


Following the story closely is ESPN sportswriter Brian Windhorst who firmly believes that the star “Has nowhere to go”. He further states ,“there just hasn’t been significant traction in any of the deals by the teams which have showed interest in KD as the asking price is too high from the Nets management”.

 In addition to that he feels, “there is another side to the negotiation,” where in, the Team management and owner Joe Tsai believe that, “they don’t have a great trade for Durant at the moment, however they have a great team with KD a part of it. As a result, they want him to consider coming back to Brooklyn”. The two-time NBA champ however has made it clear that unless the current the current management is shown the door, he has no plans of returning to the camp.


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What led to Kevin Durant’s request for a trade-off?

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant

The trouble at the Brooklyn camp can be traced back to the previous season’s wash-out of the side at the hands of Celtics which crushed them with a 4-0 defeat. In addition to this the star is unhappy with the way his fellow player and best-friend Kyrie Irving is being treated by the Nets management.

Irving refused to get vaccinated as a result he was ineligible for the home games which ultimately affected team chemistry, strained their rotation and ultimately led to James Harden leaving the franchise for Philadelphia. Amid public speculation Kevin Durant has also put to rest any rumours of him retiring any time soon.

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Players before Durant who too had a face-off with the management

Kevin Durant

Many players before KD suffered a similar fate as the two-time MVP, the likes of which include – Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler and James Harden to name a few. All stars had their own share of problems with the management one way or the other. Irving had requested a trade-off in July 2017 following a crushing 4-1 defeat in the NBA finals by the Stephen Curry led Golden state Warriors.

Whereas Paul wanted to join his Olympic teammate Anthony and the Knicks but ended up playing for the Los Angeles Clippers after the then NBA commissioner David Stern vetoed the latter’s deal with Los Angeles Lakers. Needless to say, all these stars like Kevin Durant had a period of uncertainty before being signed up by another team. Only time will tell whether or not Durant continues at Nets or joins a new team altogether.

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