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“Huge toll on $160 Million net worth” Carmelo Anthony incurred a massive hit whilst divorcing La La

If it was proved that Melo was involved in acts of infidelity, then La La could stand to gain a significant of money from her ex-husband.

While Carmelo Anthony was one of the many veterans who joined LeBron James, Lakers prior to the commencement of the 2021-22 season, but he surely wasn’t having a smooth time in his married life. After splitting up with his wife, La La in 2017, she ultimately filed for divorce in 2021 after a brief stint together. Having experienced a roller-coaster ride time together, La La finally decided to end things for good. 


To turn back the history pages, Carmelo Anthony and La La became a power couple back in 2003 as Melo was set to become one of the youngest stars in the NBA while La La was an MTV VJ. The latter even supported Melo throughout his early years in the league, until things went haywire with other people getting involved in their relationship. 

Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony parted ways in 2021 

Carmelo Anthony and La la

Similar to other cases of this stature, as is the case with such proceedings, they aren’t ever done without a significant amount of money being involved usually. There were reports of Carmelo enduring a huge smack on his $160 Million net worth. All of it will come down to the prenups that La La and Carmelo have agreed upon as well as the actions of the Lakers star.  


Furthermore, if it was proved that Melo was involved in acts of infidelity, then La La could stand to gain a significant of money from her ex-husband. Where does the story of Melo cheating stem from? Back in 2017, a dancer from the New York City gentlemen’s club claimed that Melo had impregnated her and that she completely expected Carmelo to contribute financially. 

Carmelo Anthony and family

This incident did lead to that split in 2017, but the couple was able to reconcile their differences briefly in 2018 but ultimately couldn’t make it through. Safe to say, La la showcased that she is not a person who would give chances one after the other. However, both have parted ways for good as Carmelo would be focusing on working his way up with the LA Lakers for the second consecutive season alongside LeBron and Anthony Davis.

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