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“Bald is Beautiful” Charles Barkley sounds off on LeBron James’ FAKE hairline

Charles Barkley pokes fun at the King Lebron James' hairline

LeBron James and Charles Barkley

LeBron James has been in the public’s attention for almost 20 years now. And while we have seen him grown from a young rookie to the dominant player and the legend that he is today. We have also seen side-by-side the woes of adulthood, his receding hairline. And unfortunately for LeBron’s hairline, it was a victim for one of the biggest trolls in the NBA world, Charles Barkley.

LeBron James and Charles Barkley shared a set after James captured the first of his three career NBA championships.

On a clip that has been resurfacing online, Charles was poking fun at the King’s receding hairline when he was on the Miami Heat. On Inside The NBA, the hall of fame player mocked Bron by wearing a headband, “ You gotta get rid of things thats going leave you.” Encouraged by laughter from his co-hosts Shaq and the others, Chuck kept hilariously mocking him.

Barkley bald himself, consolidated LeBron by telling him to shave his head, “Bald is Beautiful, LeBron. Bald is Beautiful.” The games in an NBA season are usually tensed with formidable matchups and ongoing trades but the folks over on Inside The NBA usually offer a moment of laughter while simultaneously offering information and analysis. It is all fun and games as Charles Barkley has immense respect for what Lebron has achieved in the league.


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LeBron’s 20 Year Career

LeBron James

LeBron entering his 20th season as the most paid player has achieved alot with building a legacy which at the end of the day will be regarded as one of the greatest. In the hopes of winning another championship the king will be on full throttle going into the season as the Lakers build a team that will be championship-contending-material.

LeBron has done it all and while some accolades are left, it is for sure that he will be retiring as the all-time scoring leader and with the resume that he has build, the GOAT debate that once was hugely in favour of Jordan keeps getting narrower and narrower. For LeBron, it must not be a big deal about his hair as to gain the accomplishments he has achieved, a head of hair is a worthy sacrifice.

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