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“It’s not America…you’ll realise being an African American” Chris Broussard says Kevin Durant should not move to Raptors because Canada treats ‘Blacks’ differently

Read and know more about Chris Broussard's take on Kevin Durant supposedly going to Toronto after he requested a trade out of Brooklyn at the beginning of this month.

Chris Broussard, Kevin Durant

Chris Broussard, a Fox Sports analyst, caused controversy on his side of the border with comments he made about Toronto during a recent show. Discussing why Kevin Durant wouldn’t want to play for the Toronto Raptors, Broussard made a provocative statement. In response to rumours that one of the greatest in the game would be moving north of the border, he commented on Toronto and its relationships with Black sportsmen.

Last week, Durant requested a trade from the Nets, and the Raptors have been one of the teams said to have a realistically appealing trade offer for the superstar. The FOX Sports presenter did not like the thought of Durant joining the raptors, despite Raptors President Masai Ujiri’s efforts to place his club in the forefront of the Durant race.

Kevin Durant reportedly wants out of Brooklyn

Multiple sources have revealed that superstar forward Kevin Durant has asked the Brooklyn Nets for a trade, closing the door on Brooklyn’s chance to win a title. The News can also confirm that the Nets are still trying to move Kyrie Irving. As a result, the Durant-Irving era in Brooklyn will come to a close with just one playoff series win and one first-round sweep. NBA insiders indicate that Durant and Irving both desire to join the Lakers, while Durant also has interest from the Phoenix Suns, Toronto Raptors, and Los Angeles Lakers.

The two are open to playing together if the Nets can find a deal to make it happen, according to Durant, who has always highlighted his bond with Irving extends far beyond basketball. This situation’s failure is entirely Irving’s fault as well. His decision to be unvaccinated during a once-in-a-lifetime worldwide epidemic may have been considered objectively if he had not displayed extreme defiance for the NBA’s COVID-19 health and safety procedures by refusing to wear masks to public events.

The Nets became tired of Irving’s apparent lack of team devotion and lack of availability. The Brooklyn Nets executive management made it clear that they were ready to split ways with both Durant and Irving if doing so would help restore the team’s once-proud culture. They’ll probably make a deal for Durant and Irving shortly that brings back young players—possibly even an All-Star level player—but not a squad that is close to being in contention for a title. With Irving, Durant, and James Harden, the Nets were a perennial title contender last season and now, they are focusing on developing young players in the hopes that they can be playoff contenders next year.

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Chris Broussard’s harsh comments about Toronto on live TV.

Some of your comments won’t be well-considered if you work in the television industry of offering hot takes. Chris Broussard of Fox Sports made the strange decision to insult the northern neighbours on July 4th, which was three days after Canada Day. He stated: “I don’t think KD will want to go to Toronto. I visited there many times. And you feel it when you’re there, I’m telling you, especially as an African American. It’s a different situation than African Americans are used to being in.”

The Raptors have elite players on expensive contracts like Fred VanVleet or Pascal Siakam who might be utilised for salary matching. They may even propose Gary Trent Jr. or OG Anunoby, if they so desired. Additionally, Toronto is offering all of its first-round draft picks. Over the next two weeks, things are going to get extremely exciting as more than half of the teams will be looking to make a move for the future hall of famer.

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