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“If they catch you, you’re going down” Chris Broussard warns rest of NBA about the potential wrath of Brooklyn Nets

Chris Broussard sees a very different Brooklyn Nets team t the moment and warns the rest of the NBA to be aware of the Nets' capabilities. Brooklyn will tip off their season on the 19th Oct against New Orleans Pelicans.

Chris Broussard on Brooklyn Nets chances of winning

Brooklyn Nets have settled all buzz around their franchise. With Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving committed for the 2023 season, the Brooklyn Nets organization can now focus on adding pieces to their roster and preparations for the upcoming season. No one still knows just what they’ll get from the team they have in hand right now, They could be one of the NBA’s best teams. Or they could allow more drama to torpedo another season. But Chris Broussard certainly sees a different beast at the Nets.

Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons and Kevin Durant

NBA analyst Chris Broussard, on his “The Odd Couple” podcast, said that Brooklyn still has plenty of questions, but remains extremely dangerous. Broussard even compared the Nets to boxer Deontay Wilder who has an incredible 93% win record and won Bronze Medal in Olympics.

Chris Broussard put Brooklyn Nets at the top again.

Brooklyn Nets Owner Joseph Tsai

Brooklyn Nets enjoyed great success on the “betting odds” since they added Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to their roster. But the team failed to deliver in 3 season time frame, winning just one playoff series in those years. They even tried adding former MVP James Harden to their “seven-eleven” pair, but the chemistry issue played a huge part in the team’s losses.


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Broussard though seems very confident about the Nets this season. He said, “Their chemistry, their lack of leadership, I think those are the things that will bite them, and the fact that Nash isn’t a great coach, those will bite them in the end. And all that said, they almost beat the Milwaukee Bucks two years ago with James Harden playing on one leg and Kyrie Irving injured.”

Reflecting on the 2022 season’s performance he added, “And I know they got swept (this season), and, you know, you’re right they got swept, but it was by 18 points all four games. … I’m just saying they like Deontay Wilder. If they catch you, you’re going down.”

Despite having one of the league’s most impressive rosters over the last several years, the Nets have struggled to contend for a championship. But there are no questions over their capabilities and abilities to deliver on a given occasion.

The team traded James Harden to the Philadelphia 76ers for Ben Simmons last season and he is yet to play a single game for them. After an offseason of uncertainty around Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the Nets are now looking like a team that could surprise and is a contender in the Eastern Conference.

The Nets have their trio of superstars available at the moment and also have a loaded explosive roster. It will be up to their chemistry within themselves and with the rest of the team also to make a push for the team’s aspirations.

They also have important pieces like Seth Curry, Patty Mills, Joe Harris, and T. J. Warren around who can easily chip in with valuable contributions in the game. If they can work on their defense and also a bit on team chemistry, Coach Steve Nash has a contender team in hand. Nets are still searching for their 1st NBA championship, while this season could be their best chance of winning the same.

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